Tuesday, November 22, 2005

LAPUSH At Silverlake Lounge TONIGHT

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LAPUSH - "Car Song" (MP3)

DING***..............DING DIN..........DUM DIN.........DUM DIN.............

Just listen to the effin' song so you know what I mean. Something about a xylophone makes me extraordinarily happy.

LAPUSH hail from St. Louis and are out here in LA for a few days to tape Last Call w/ Carson Daly. This delightfully melancholy yet all-to-cheery song is off of their debut album Someplace Closer To Here - OUT NOW On FourFiveSix (Carson's Label FYI). You can listen to two additional tracks on the band's myspace page - including "Aurora" which I highly recommend. I'm going to go see them TONIGHT at the Silverlake Lounge :)

I discovered something very cool about LA today. The subway system isn't a myth and actually works!

My roomate's car broke down yesterday evening and so I decided to try out the Metro for the first time ever to get to work today. It was only a 30 minute walk and a 10 minute ride. Worked out pretty well. I was surprised at how clean everything was and how VERY FEW people ride the subway. It boggles the mind!!!

**La Push will play the Silverlake Lounge TONIGHT at 10 PM. Be sure to catch them on Last Call w/ Carson Daly - airing Dec. 2nd. Address: 2906 Sunset Blvd. (At Parkman)

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