Friday, July 21, 2006

This Weekend In Los Angeles: Gnarls Barkley, Ferraby Lionheart,

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I don't care who you are. "Crazy" is the new "Heya." It's been covered more than ANY NEW SONG should dare be covered, but for some reason I'm still loving the CRAP outta it.

Gnarls Barkley are playing TWO SOLD OUT SHOWS at The Avalon this weekend.


[MP3] Ferraby Lionheart - A Crack In Time
[MP3] Ferraby Lionheart - Tickets to Crickets

My roommate and I walked into Sea Level the other day to put up posters for Eskimohunter's show at The Echo (It was actually last night - AMAZING. I'm posting a review and photos later). Somehow the magnificent art of mr. J-71 got sandwiched between Ferraby Lionheart and a poster for Silversun Pickups new record.

I have seen Ferraby's name everywhere (Mostly in my TONIGHT IN LA postings), but I hate to say it I never actually listened to his music. My roommate immediately launched into how amazing Ferraby is live and how good his EP is. I had to take note. I downloaded these two songs off his MySpce page and I am positively HOOKED. Tat distinct voice,

Ferraby Lionheart is the Sunday Night Resident at Tangier through the end of July. I will be going this Sunday to check him out.

The Feeling (UK), One Thousand Pictures @ The Troubadour - $10 *Early Show The Feeling on at 9:15 PM
Deadbolt, Speedbuggy, Custom Made Scare, Kenny Brown @ The Echo - $12
Teenage Talking Cars, Dirty Little Secret, Mika Miko @ The Hear Gallery
Jake Bellows (from Neva Dinova) featuring Blake Sennet (of The Elected / Rilo Kiley), Whispertown 2000, Michael Runion @ Club Spaceland - $8
Rubies, Hecuba, Coconut, Hello Elohim @ El Cid - $10
Malaki @ Tangiier - $10
Whitestarr, Dirty Heads, C24C, Moss, Slack String @ The Roxy - $10
Red Lighting, Mother Tongue, The Ebb, The New Fidelity, Drugscene @ Safari Sam's - $5
The Dynamite Walls, Sugi Tap, Daylights, Luna Halo @ The Viper Room
Grae, Destroyed by Voices, Avioneta @ The Scene Bar - Glendale - $5
Gipsy Kings @ The Greek Theatre

Apex Theory, Onesidezero, Bambir, Khalfani White, DJ Lagger @ The Roxy - $15
Modified American Zero, Oedipus, Modus Dei, Duress, Pillbox Porno, Medium Rare, Bec Hollcraft @ The Troubadour - $12
Michael Hurley, Sir Richard Bishop, Stuart and Caan @ El Cid - $10
HELLCAT RECORDS PRESENTS: Mad Marge & The Stonecutters, Orange, Homesick Abortions, I Fight Me @ The Echo - $5
Van Stone, Angel City Outcasts, Chelsea Smiles, ADHD @ Safari Sam's
Slick Rick, Los Tumbados, Bamm Music @ The Viper Room
Gipsy Kings @ The Greek Theatre
Turn Me on Dead Man, Year Long Disaster, National Dust, Jeff Levitz (former Brian Jonestown Massacre) @ The Scene Bar, Glendale

Gnarls Barkley, Peeping Tom @ Avalon Hollywood
Ill Lit, Lisa Derosia @ The Echo - 5 PM FREE
Oneida, 400 Blows, No Doctors @ Club Spaceland - $8
The Sharpies, Sad Girl, The Oxford Set, Big Stone City, Ekathis, Frenetik @ The Viper Room
T.S.O.L., The Uprising, Bad Reaction, Unit F, Rabies @ Safari Sam's - $12
Part Time Punks w/ The Clean Prophets, & Woman (NYC) @ The Echo
Ferraby Lionheart, Immaculate Machine, Happy Hollows, Tiffany Anders @ Tangier - $8
Definitive Jux Presents: Mo' Mega Tour featuring... Mr. Lif (of the Perceptionists) with Metro and DJ Big Wiz, Cage with Yak Ballz and DJ Crazy Glue, Insight, Camu Tao @ Knitting Factory, Main Stage

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