Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Annuals Hit Los Angeles - FINALLY!


[MP3] Annuals - Brother
[MP3] Annuals - Dry Clothes

I really don't talk about Annuals on Rock Insider enough - which is ludicrous considering how much I listen to their debut album, Be He Me, in my car. I think the reason for the lack of postage is due largely in part to the fact that the band HAS NEVER PLAYED LA

All that changes TONIGHT as the band performs live at Club Spaceland with Jim Noir and Tralala.

Download the tracks above and have a listen. The opening of "Brother" is positively explosive. I am a big fan of dynamic changes in songs. Going from sweet and soft to BLLLIIZAAAAM! Turns me into an automotive conductor of my own private orchestra. Soo much fun


The Smudge of Ashen Fluff (Kudos for the awesome blog name) has MP3s from Lily Allen's Spellbinding KCRW performance yesterday. Seriously the tracks are amazing. Download them asap. [DOWNLOAD]

The Colour, Delta Spirit, The Prayers, Sparrow Love Crew @ Troubadour
Devon Williams & The Roommates, Laura Weinbach, The Black, Wait Think Fast, Telematique @ Silverlake Lounge - $8
Mike Stinson, I See Hawks in L.A., Gina Villalobos and her band, Tenlons Fort @ The Scene Bar, Glendale
Dub Club @ The Echo - $5
The Disco Biscuits @ The Roxy
Amos Lee @ El Rey Theatre
Monsters Are Waiting, Low vs Diamond, The Deadly Syndrome @ Safari Sam's - $10
Camilla, Charissa Nicole, Nicholas Musmecci, Hacksaw of Damn Hippie Freaks @ Knitting Factory, Alterknit
Freshwater Collins, Tim Myers @ The Viper Room
Greg Johnson, Waz, Jake Coco @ Hotel Cafe
Jennifer Karr, Shane Mack @ Genghis Cohen
Primus, Gogol Bordello @ Hollywood Palladium
Panic! At The Disco, Jack's Mannequin @ Long Beach Arena
New Young Pony Club, SoftLightes, Gant of Neon @ The Stone Bar

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