Monday, December 11, 2006

New Music For The Mundays: Castledoor


[MP3] Castledoor - Fall Apart
[MP3] Castledoor - Burn The Maps

I can't help but think of Super Mario Brothers when my friend Heather mention's Castledoor. I spent much of my childhood with Yoshi battling the evil Bowser in castle of doom. Something about their name reminds me of green shells, collecting coins, and mushrooms. It's a trip man.

Castledoor blew the roof off the Echo at HELL YA! on Nov 30th. I have never seen a band get called back for an encore that ferociously. and THEY WERE THE OPENER. Elegant indie rock arrangements, sweet messages of hope, and holy cow - THAT VOICE.

Castledoor have been hovering just under the radar for far too long. Last night they played la-underground's "Los Angeles Loves" show at the Tangier and the group have a bevy of shows all over the southland leading up to Christmas. I have a feeling the new year is going to be good for them.

Castledoor just released their new EP, Follow The Dove, which you can purchase now on iTUNES.

If you have the opportunity to check them out I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO.


You Set The Scene Posted his top 10 records from Los Angeles Based bands today. The Duke gives mad props to Division Day, Let's Go Sailing, Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, and Languis to name a few. See who topped the list by clicking here.

Underrated Magazine posted her top 25 list. Rachael and I have always had very similar taste in music and after seeing her list its down right eerie how similar we are. My list should be posted by the end of today. You can bet on more than a few matches. I friggin' need to get on that. Yeeeesh. [READ MORE]

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Stores - Absolutely EVERYONE told me to go there when I first moved into my new apartment in Echo Park back in May. Do I ever listen? Of course not. I made my first outing there this past weekend and scored an amazing vintage corner desk and full shelving unit for my vinyl for TEN FRIGGIN' BUCKS. It is a hipster on a dime's decorating dream.

People have too much friggin' money and WAAAAYY too much time on their hands. It's almost as frivolous as blogging. THAT GIVE ME AN IDEA: I'm going to start auctioning off Rock Insider swag on EBay.

HEY EVERYONE soon you can get ticket stub from the very first show I ever covered for this site! and if that doesn't getting your motor going how about the one of a kind chair I write my blog from everyday....COME ON! PRICELESS ARTIFACTS PEOPLE!! OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY. Your toosh could sit in the same chair as that once housed the rump of JAX. But seriously - unmarked VINYL going for $155K makes me sick.

Briertone, Sparrow's Gate @ Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa - FREE!
Delta Spirit, Carina Round, Women and Children, In Waves @ Club Spaceland - FREE!
The Parson Red Heads, The Airborne Toxic Event, A For Attack, I Make The Sound @ The Echo - FREE!
Jay Bennet, Death Ships, Weed Patch @ Silverlake Lounge
Petra Haden @ Mr T's Bowl - FREE!
Kill Hannah, Pink Spiders, Action Reaction @ The El Rey Theatre
Vato Negro - featuring members of The Mars Volta, Beck and Hella, Just, Mic Nice, A Short Term Effect @ The Scene Bar. Glendale
SESAC & TIN PANDA PRESENT: No One Goes Home, Goodbye Elliott, The City Drive , Relax to Paris, 200 West @ Knitting Factory, Front Room
The Deserters, The Grand Marquee, Neuromance, Minus @ The Viper Room
Chris Valenti, Henry Phillips @ Genghis Cohen
Dawn McCoy, Dead Rock West, Sally Jaye, Jamie Wyatt, Chris Richards @ Hotel Cafe
Joshua Radin, Schuyler Fisk @ Troubadour
The Top Drawer, 14 year old girls, The Amazements, The Pristines, Tik//Tik @ Il Corral
Legs on sale, the last gang, darlings, One Drop @ Lava Lounge
Gnarls Barkley @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

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