Monday, December 11, 2006

Sparrow's Gate: Two LA Shows TOMORROW NIGHT


[MP3] Sparrow's Gate - Heart Beat

Most of you know I have a huge place in my heart for San Luis Obispo's Sparrow's Gate. Amazing band and even more amazing people. They are truly brothers to me. A few weeks ago they hit me up asking for help booking an LA show. I wanted to do something different and fun. It's only fitting for a band who's lust for life and passion for music rarely stops when there set ends.

SO, TOMORRROW NIGHT Sparrow's Gate will be taking over LA for 2 Shows in just under 3 HOURS.

We're calling it the Sparrow's Gate "3 Hour Tour." Gilligan eat your heart out.

To celebrate we're turning a caravan of rusted out beater cars into the SS Minnow and cruising to BOTH SHOWS. Let's just hope we don't shipwreck on the way there (although I would love to shack up with the professor somewhere off the 2 Freeway)

Bring your own bottles, spoons, tambourines, drumsticks, and various noisemaker (please nothing perishable or that could be consider a dangerous weapon) PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR AT THE SHOW.

Show up at Silverlake Lounge at 9 PM (2906 Sunset Blvd)
Band goes on at 9:30 PM - $8 Cover

Then were HIGH TAILING IT to The Scene Bar in Glendale (806 E Colorado St) for the band's second set at MIDNIGHT - $5 Cover Portland, OR's HORSE FEATHERS ARE ALSO PLAYING WOOT!

We're going to make glorious noise on the way down there, in the parking lot after the show, and various places all over LA until we get told to stop and/or arrested. The whole thing will be captured on video.

EVERYONE who goes to BOTH SHOWS and Pays (Eek I know $13 bucks is steep we're trying to get the price down) will receive a Rock Insider Prize Pack

which will include:
Rock Insider Mixtape
Sparrow's Gate EP, Stickers, Buttons, Pins
Various CDs, Posters, Pins, Stickers Buttons
Candy Cane
Hot Chocolate
Holiday Candy

Plus its a great opportunity to meet new people and make some great new friends!

Sparrow's Gate will be playing at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa TONIGHT opening for Briertone's Monday Night Residency. It's Free (21 Years +)

Come down and have fun with us!

JAX - The Rock Insider