Thursday, March 29, 2007

How To Relaunch a Former Hot Spot

Wild Dogs @ Guatelinda
Friday, March 30th (9pm to 3am)
$2 Cover w/ RSVP or Flyer (

Guatelinda used to be a hot spot in late 80's early 90's for Skate Master Tate's (SK8 TV Nickelodeon) dance club. I pass by it on Hollywood Blvd every single day on my way home from work and always wondered what the heck it was. Apparently as of late it has been host to many a Reggaton & Latino Rock night. You would be hard-pressed to find a single American Apparel clad waif within 30 yards of their front door. I do have to hand it to the hipsters man. They're always the first to embrace the melting pot that is LA and reinvent it into something even potentially even. Such is the case with a new club night at Guatelinda - WILD DOGS.

Wild Dogs objective is to have FUN and DANCE and celebrate the weirdos and awesomeness that is LA. DJs will keep the party going until well after the usual 2 am call time. Admission is only $2 with RSVP. Looking at all the players involved with this night I say it's definitely worth checking out tomorrow night.

DJ Pubes (La Cita Thursdays)
Them Jeans (Cinespace Tuesdays)
Filip Nikolic of (Guns N' Bombs, Ima Robot)
DJ Napkin (Ooga Booga Shop)

4916 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027