Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A first visit with Uncle Jeb: HEALTH slays you

Now listen here, youngins. I'm yer Uncle Jeb, and seeing as how Jax has her hands more than full enough these days, what with her new live series at The Roxy, the fiery, handbasketed collapse of the music business, and what have you, I'm going to be playing a periodic support role at RockInsider. I might end up being around here a while, so git used to it. And go make me a sammich.

All ill-considered Appalachian caricatures aside, I want to tell you about a band called HEALTH, who I watched open for Anavan this past Monday at Pehrspace. If HEALTH are new to you, they're centered around absolutely concussive, almost tribal drumming, on top of which they layer severe and unpredictable texture contrasts that range from more conventional noise/punk riffs torn out of metric context, to all-band a cappella chanting, to uniquely shocking walls of hopelessly corrupted guitar noise. They keep their focus in directing the brutality and disorientation toward the revelatory, which to me makes them one of the very best bands to emerge from the Smell-centric noise scene.

Between self-booked national tours already under their belt and a full-length in the works, these dudes will only continue to blow shit apart. If you don't believe me, peep this MySpace video of HEALTH killing it last year in Chicago.