Thursday, July 19, 2007


HEALTH hit the road with Aa and announce UK Tour.

[MP3] HEALTH - Crimewave
[MP3] HEALTH - Glitter Pills

There is a burgeoning noise rock scene bubbling just under the surface in Los Angeles. For years experimental bands have called DIY venues like The Smell, Il Corral, Pehrspace, and The Cocaine home. Most LA concert goers are aware of the all ages "Smell Scene" as its been known to be called. Occasionally bands like The Mae Shi, No Age, Anavan, or Abe Vigoda will get a gig in Silverlake venues like Spaceland or The Echo - but for the most part noise rock has been left to its own vices in the dirty depths of downtown, Koreatown, and Echo Park.

If you ask me - the noise rock world of LA has been underwraps for so long its about to frickin' EXPLODE. One of the first such bands to break out - HEALTH.

The band will be releasing their first full length this September on Love Pump United and are getting MAD BLOG LOVE right now for their split 7" with Crystal Castles. HEALTH have found their niche in the scene with artfully crafted noise and raw synth, haunting monotone vocals, and drum skills that are borderline insane. Their live show is explosive, energetic, and exudes pandemonium without actually resorting to full on chaos.

HEALTH will be kicking off their tour with Aa (pro-nounced A Little A) TONIGHT at The Smell with Foot Village, Cougar Den, and Crime Novels. The band will also be playing two shows at The Echo/Echoplex on July 29th and just announced a slew of UK dates with Eye Hai.

This is one band in Los Angeles you really need to see NOW.

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Anonymous DAN said ... (July 20, 2007 2:11 PM) : 

you know there is an interview with them on musicglob.... here.

my friend is friends with them = interview.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (February 05, 2008 1:17 PM) : 

link is busted, I am busted


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