Monday, July 30, 2007

New Music For The Mundays: Austin James Band

When "Who's On First" meets Indie Rock: Austin James Band

[MP3] Austin James Band - Underwater

It has been far too long since I've done weekly features on this site. Most notably missing is Rock Insider's "New Music for the Mundays" feature. Thanks to my handy google calendar I'M BRINGING 'EM BACK!!!!

My choice for this Munday: SoCal's own Vaudevillian quartet (+ 1 ) the Austin James Band. This eclectic group of rapscallions reminds me very much of Man Man with hints of The Beach Boys and Queen.

Their debut album, Goes To Austin James Land, is deliciously absurd. Five part harmonies are masterfully mixed with key arrangements straight out of a community melodrama. This collection of songs has the range of a Broadway review. Each track portrays its own unique emotion and tells a story. What I love most about this band is the fact that they have taken your traditional indie rock and made it a production. This satirical view on music is incredibly endearing and send out more than a fair share of feel good vibes.

Goood 'ole Dodgy wrote about this band ages ago [read the post here] . I'm a little ashamed the LA community has been so slow to pick up on this. It always seems like the best new music is hovering just under your nose. I've definitely had east side blinders on for the past few months - long enough to completely overlook this amazing band.

Los Angelenos can catch the Austin James Band at Rock Insider's next installment of Indie Schmindie! August 9th at the Scene Bar in Glendale with Strangers Smile, Divisadero, and Meho Plaza. Admission is only $5!

You can listen to more tracks on the band's Virb Page.


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it's about time you guys get noticed!! yay ajb, you guys are awesome!


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