Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In

On the night of June 30th bloggers and hipsters alike converged on your favorite east side venue and mine The Echo to see The Henry Clay People, Tigers Can Bite You, Molecules, and Radars To the Sky [See poster here]. It was bound to be a stellar show and one I had been looking forward to for quite some time.

When my friend and I arrived at the venue we found the entrance to the club completely closed off and a film crew very pubicly running the show. The mess at the door was more than a bit irritating and put me in a pissy mood for most of the evening. Nobody likes seeing JAX pissy. It doesn't happen very often and it tends to hover somewhere between koala bear cute and "oooh somebody take her home."

I later found out the reason for the mess was they were filming a music video for Hot Hot Heat's new single "Let Me In." The video features Vocalist/Keyboardist Steve Bays wandering around Hollywood trying to talk his way into clubs and ultimately taking a service entrance to get in and rock the heck out. The video was actually shot in my neighborhood of Echo Park. The band are frequent visitors of The Echo and have been seen hovering in the corners at a few Hell Ya! shows. It was quite fitting for them to shoot a video there.

Despite the headache the video turned out pretty good and has a lot of footage from inside the newly opened Echoplex.

Hot Hot Heat's latest album, Happiness LTD, hits stores Sept 11th on Sire Records.

Note: The band will also be playing Sunset Junction this Saturday. Find them on the Bates Stage (4200 Sunset) at 5:15 PM SHARP!

VIDEO: Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In

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