Monday, August 20, 2007

My Private Show With Seymore Saves The World

[MP3] Seymore Saves The World - Summer 2005
[MP3] Seymore Saves The World - Love Song

Sorry about the blog silence this weekend. I was in San Francisco attending the 2nd annual Bandwidth Music and Technology Conference. I will write more on that later.

Today's New Music pick is Seymore Saves The World - a delightful pop rock band from Minneapolis, MN. You might recognize bassist Sean Neary from his stint in the band Tapes N' Tapes [SEE PHOTOS HERE].

The band played the Sunset Junction After Party at Spaceland on Sunday. My flight in from the bay didn't get in til 9:30 so I ended up booking it to the venue suitcase in tow. When I arrived I found the club completely and totally EMPTY. The oppressive heart and general exhaustion of the weekend kept the throngs of party goers away. The audience consisted of me, the bartender, and the sound guy. NO JOKE.

Still the band played on - having fun, cracking jokes, thanking the wonderful audience, and rocking out like it was a packed house. Seymore Saves The World's songs are upbeat and so much fun. After a long arduous day of traveling stress they were just the right medicine.

The sound guy even turned on the smoke machine for a song and did a full light show.
By the end of their seven song set the audience had doubled thanks to a random drunkard who stumbled into the venue. He offered to buy me a drink. When I declined he bought me one anyway and proceeded to drink them both. Haha at the end of the night he asked me out on a date. I told him I was exclusively not dating.

The drunkard jeered the band and screamed for an encore - to which the band obliged. What could have been a horrible night turned out to be one of the most fulfilling shows I've ever seen.

Seymore Saves The World are currently on a short US Tour. Click here for dates. I highly recommend catching their live show when they come to your hometown.

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