Monday, October 29, 2007

Saint Motel - Show Me Where You Want It

[Stream] Saint Motel - Show Me Where You Want It

I ran into AJ the singer of the simply amazing indie rock outfit Saint Motel at an Echo Park thrift store this past weekend. He, like myself, was searching for the perfect additions to his Halloween costume. I was carrying around a stack of shawls while he searched in vain for the perfect chapeau for his top secret Halloween get-up.

I saw Saint Motel at the Troubadour with Nico Stai not too long ago. I was truly amazed by the amount of personality they injected into their energetic live performance. The band did barrel rolls on the stage, shot funny remarks back at the audience, and gave 150% all in the name of Rock n' Roll. It just goes to show you if you look like you're having fun on stage odds are the audience is going to be having fun too. I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. Listen to "Show Me Where You Want It" above. It's already a hairbrush song for me (click here if you need a visual reference).

They are still relatively unknown in the Silverlake shire, but bands this good rarely stay hidden for long.

Saint Motel
will be playing at Spaceland TONIGHT with Oliver Future. They go on at midnight but are well worth the wait.

BONUS: Watch video of Saint Motel performing live at Pershing Square back in August below!

Saint Motel live @ Pershing Square

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