Monday, November 12, 2007


[MP3] Bill Baird - Zombies

Finally back in Los Angeles after a week in the Big Apple. Sorry this site hasn't been updated in SO LONG! I got called out on it last night.

I'm back to posting as usual. Today's new music post comes from Sound Team alum Bill Baird. Bill is one of the most intriguing characters I have come across in the longest time. His music defies definition. My best effort: "It's beautifully strange and full of whimsy." Honestly I don't think that description gives it justice.  Listen to  "Zombies" above and check it out for yourself.

In addition to making amazing tunes, Bill has his own blog which he updates with homemade videos that just add to the mystery. You can see the vids right here. I posted my favorite one below.

Bill will be doing a short southwest tour in December and hopefully will be coming through SoCal. Click here for dates. If you can help out with any shows be sure to hit him up on his myspace page.


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