Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lilys Play Two Nights At Club Spaceland

[MP3] Lilys - Leo Ryan (Our Pharoah's Slave)
[MP3] Mezzanine Owls - Lightbulb

Lilys - the awe-inspiring psychedelic/shoegaze/rock/60s pop/power pop/insert your sub-genre outfit
will play two shows at Club Spaceland in 2007 beginning TONIGHT with support from Mezzanine Owls and Winter Flowers and ending TOMORROW with Ariel Pink & Holy Shit.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Kurt Heasley the band first got its start in Philadelphia in the early nineties. The lineup has changed numerous times since their debut album, In The Prescense Of Nothing, came out in 1992. In recent days Lilys has been rounded out by performers Dan Horne, Aaron Sperske, Jimi Hey, Ariel Pink.

Tonight's show should be an absolute treat. Mezzanine Owls will be playing new songs and recently announced they will be releasing a 4 song digital album + seven inch single through JaxArt Records in late February,

Tickets are $8 and available at the box office. Chances are theses shows will sell out at the door so get there early!