Monday, December 17, 2007

A Special Holiday Performance From Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav celebrate the holidays at The El Rey - Photo by We Only Go Out at Night via flickr

Les Savy Fav's show at The El Rey this past Saturday with The Dodos and We Barbarians was nothing short of pandemonium. I knew it would be nuts, but I had no idea it would be THIS NUTS.

During the encore, the band's charismatic front man, Tim Harrington, came out in nothing but black boots, red underwear and a santa jacket. The band also carried several large teddy bears to the stage with "LSF" drawn on with black sharpie.

Harrington then proceeded to pluck concert goers out of the audience and pull them up to the stage where he sat one on his naked knee and asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

What happened after that is nothing short of spectacular. The band launched into "Rodeo" and all hell broke loose. The video posted below gives a pit view of what went down. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

Harrington began ripping apart the teddy bears and throwing them in the crowd. At one point he was stuffing the stuffing into his Christmas ummm "package" then began throwing THAT into the crowd. It was both gross and awesome at the same time.

Harrington spent more time in the pit then on the stage proving once and for all that punk rock isn't dead. After the mayhem had ceased the floor of the El Rey was completely covered with white stuffing, beer cups, and other sticky substances. It was amazing.

The Dodos also played a solid set and left the large crowd speechless. My prediction is that this band will absolutely blow up next year. You can watch video of the duo performing "Fools" at Saturday's show right here. It also includes an amazing Trombone solo by Mr. Meric Long.

VIDEO: Les Savy Fav - Rodeo (Christmas Themed)

VIDEO: The Dodos - Fools (Live At The El Rey 12/15/07)

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