Monday, January 07, 2008

New Music For The Mundays: Little Teeth

San Francisco's Little Teeth Take "Freak Folk" To The Next Level

[MP3] Little Teeth - Japanese Candy
[MP3] Little Teeth - Sideways

Im finally back from vacation and back to updating this blog. I feel that my posting slacked off quite a bit in 2007. My New Years Resolution was to start updating regularly. Things will hopefully get a lot smoother in the next few weeks. Im going back to the format I launch this site with: One new music post a day - with MP3. Don't worry, Rock Insider will still feature all the news, shows, and videos you love.

On to the posting!

There are those bands who call themselves "Freak Folk" (usually consisting but not limited to Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, The Shivers, Animal Collective, Kimya Dawson)  and then there is Little Teeth - who are one of the few acts in the sub genre that could truly be called "Freaks." Little Teeth consists of three members: Ammo Eisu, Andy Tisdall, and Dannie Murrie.  I had the privilege of meeting the band back in December when I worked the door at pehrspace the night the trio were playing. Their live show was stupendous.

Singer Dannie Murrie's voice sounds like a bug zapper - and I mean that in the best way possible. Her eccentric cackling wail should be studied. No human being is supposed to sound like that. It's gorgeous.

The trio play more than your typical guitar,bass,drum combo. Let's just say If it makes noise - chances are its a part of their sound and live set. The band play everything from mandolin, banjo, cello, accordians, to children's toys, speak n spells, giant pots on rope, bowls, and even tie chains of shells and various objects to their body for percussion.

Little Teeth are the kind of band that blindside you at a show. They maybe be playing first, but the second they start playing everyone stops to listen.

You can pick up a five song demo at the bands shows.

BONUS: Watch a video interview with the band from


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