Thursday, January 24, 2008

Triclops - Three Eyes Are Better Than Two

San Francisco acid punk band Triclops!

[MP3] Triclops - Mi Plisboy

I've actually been finding some tremendous bands on MySpace lately. Yesterday, I stumbled upon the manic explosive sound that is Triclops!

Triclops! practice the art of brutal but cleansing noise, acid punk, psychadelic rock, and hardcore. They are definitely up there with contemporaries 400 Blows and Qui in the bad ass category. I had been listening to Faye Tucker all day when I found these dudes so it was a definite shock to the system.

The band's two founding members Xtian from SF's Bottles and Skulls and Johnny from Oakland's Fleshies are veterans of the SF Punk Scene. They later added two more members and positively slay live. Don't believe me check out the video below.

In 2007 the band released their first EP Cafeteria Brutalia on Chicago indie label SickRoom Records, (12" Picture Disc available on Missing Finger Records). Triclops! recently finished recording their first full length with Melvins' engineer Kurt Schlagel.

Triclops! will be playing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood next Thurs. Jan 31st with an INSANE lineup. Entrance, Moonrats, Crystal Antlers, and Underground Railroad To Candyland will all be playing. All bands I've been dying to get out and see but have always managed to have another obligation. Jan 31st will be no different (sigh). I command thee to go.

[MP3] Underground Railroad To Candyland - Livin' In A Straw
[MP3] Crystal Antlers - Vexation

VIDEO: Triclops at The Fest 6 in Gainsville, Florida [WATCH NOW]


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