Friday, February 22, 2008

The Big Sleep - Hidden Track

Brooklyn's The Big Sleep Share Their Hidden Track. Photo by Ofer Wolberger

the-big-sleep.jpg I have been really feeling The Big Sleep lately. Truth be told when I first heard them back in 2006 I thought they were an all instrumental rock project like Explosions In The Sky. That was until I heard their new album, Sleep Forever that I knew they had a singer! Sleep Forever is just gorgeous textured art rock. It constantly builds and re-builds with beautiful fuzz, classic crunchy guitars, and sweeping vocals. "Pinkies" is a simply tremendous track.  By far my favorite on the album.

The band will be touring this March with Say Hi and will be performing at SXSW.  SXSW info is below!

[MP3] The Big Sleep - Bad Blood
[MP3] The Big Sleep - Pinkies

You can purchase Sleep Forever on iTUNES or InSound

Danny From The Big Sleep's Hidden Track: Heavy Creatures

I've been really digging this band Heavy Creatures lately. I somehow stumbled on their myspace page, which is doubly strange/lucky for me because I don't spend that much time on myspace, but I was drawn to their name. Anyway, I love their artwork, I love their taste in guitars, I love the sound of their records, but most of all, I LOVE their songs. They're classic rock influenced, which in a lot of cases just means tired sounding and unoriginal, but not here, because the songs are just so good. I can't stop playing the riff to "Family Tree" in practice. So it's really crazy to me that they aren't really playing that many shows around town (NYC). They should be all over the place.

[MP3] Heavy Creatures - Nightwitches [Highly Rec'd]
[MP3] Heavy Creatures - Landing Of The Fall

BONUS VIDEO - The Big Sleep - Murder

The Big Sleep At SXSW:
Frenchkiss Showcase
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
@ Mohawk (912 Red River)
Doors 7pm

The Big Sleep, The Dodos, The Plastic Constellations, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Call Me Lightning.
Special Guest: Phil & The Osophers

The Big Sleep

3/13 Mohawk (FKR Showcase) 1am
3/13 Red Eyed Fly (Noise Pop Party) 1:30pm
3/14 Beauty Bar (Little Radio Party) 12:45pm
3/14 Gueros Bar (Boxing Lesson Party) 6pm
3/15 Saxon Pub (Outside Distro Party) 4pm

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