Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Lazy Susan Vol 1

Here's a few words from my friends over at vosotros:

The Lazy Susan was born in February 2007, when vosotros assembled a band to record one song and launch their year-long residency in downtown Los Angeles. Each month during the next year, they assemble a new band to record another song and play another month of the residency. Twelve months later, vosotros presents: the lazy susan – an album featuring thirty-two musicians on twelve songs written by bassist Gabe Noel.

The Lazy Susan introduces music by Noelsson Schmoelsson, Someone's Piano, First Good Feeling, PB&J … and g, masunday, Saltar, My Moon Boots, The Carrot and Stick, Touhy, ump-off Pause Tape, How Long It Takes To Know, and Our Song.

February 28 marks the one-year anniversary of their residency at LAND – and the release of their third album as a label.

vosotros is music for you-all.

[MP3] The Lazy Susan Vol 1 - Noelsson Schmoelsson - "In The Trees"

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