Thursday, June 12, 2008

Re-Introducing Correatown

Correatown @ Spaceland (5/22/08) Photo By JAX

I have a deep seated love for all things Angela Correa - the amazing songstress behind  Correatown. Her music is smart, poignant, and perfectly complemented by her sharp-tongued stage banter and sweet-yet-devilish personality.

Last night I caught Correatown at Daniel Ahearn's CD Release Show at The Echo (more on that later). Correatown didn't hit the stage 'til almost midnight because Beck played yet another secret show at The Echo. The crowd was small but loyal and the act did not fail to entertain. Wendy of The Sweet Hurt also plays bass and sings in Correatown. The pairing is nothing short spellbinding. Angela and Wendy have what I think are two of the best voices in Los Angeles today and seeing them on stage together feels like a cupcake on a summer day every time. 

Correatown's Echo EP is available now. I also recommend you pick up Correatown's Split 7" with Joanie Mendenhall which you can buy at shows. Be sure to catch the band July 6th at Mr Ts Bowl w/ Red Maids.

[MP3] Correatown - All The World (I Tell Myself)

VIDEO: Correatown - Racing Tides

BONUS VIDEO: The Sweet Hurt - Bright Ideas

The Sweet Hurt just unveiled their new video for "Bright Ideas." Watch It Below

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