Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mandatory Listening: Gumshoe - Here Comes The Sun

Gumshoe (Los Angeles, CA)

[MP3] Gumshoe - Here Comes The Sun
[MP3] Gumshoe - Honestly

Gumshoe has been hiding right under your nose. I'm fully convinced that this girl is destined to join the ranks of Santogold and M.I.A.

The project is fronted by the fabulous miss Devon Montgomery - who lends her vocal chops and insane sense of style to the eclectic and deliciously experimental musical offering.

The tunes range from classic R&B & Hip Hop to folktronica and includes elements of electro, new jack swing, african, noise, psychedelic and experimental rock. The music is held together with classic sounding drum machine beats and Casio worthy synths while Devon's breezy confidence and a fantastic charisma take center stage.

Since seeing Gumshoe live at Echo Curio last week I have been enamored with their track "Here Comes The Sun." the insanely catchy tune sounds like what would have if Outkast collaborated with Animal Collective. Even on a lo-fi CD-R demo this track's strength shines through. It's an absolute jam.

The live show is still developing - but even with just an ipod and a couple of back up dancers it's undeniable that Gumshoe has legs and is going somewhere.

LA Readers can catch them live this Saturday May 16th at The Hollywood Canteen.

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