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THIS WEEK IN LA: Vampire Weekend, Adam Franklin & The Bolts Of Melody, A.A. Bondy, Jam For Ron Asheton, Yummy Fur

Vampire Weekend Album Release Show At Henry Fonda Theatre Tues. Jan. 12th

Happy Monday everyone!

This first week back after the holidays certainly was a productive one! So many great shows so little time. I did manage to catch 60-Watt Kid and Glasser at Spaceland on Saturday. 60-Watt Kid
BLEW MY FREAKIN MIND. Their lush spacey songs are will know doubt draw comparison to Animal Collective and Atlas Sound but their energy is straight up punk rock. If you haven't had the opportunity to catch this band yet do yourself a favor and make it a priority.

Lots of great shows this week including Vampire Weekend's SOLD OUT date at The Henry Fonda and Wednesday's Jam For Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton at The Roxy featuring Mike Watt among others.

Our show of the week however is a slam dunk at Spaceland this Sun. Jan 17th with Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) and The Bolts of Melody. You will want to arrive early for the opening acts. Also playing next Sunday will be a new project
by Mr. Jack Burnside of Mezzanine Owls fame that has be christened with the name Rabbits. Jenni Tarma (Eskimohunter) Dan Horne (Mezzanine Owls, Music Go Music, Beachwood Sparks), and Chris Newcomer (The Arms) will also be sitting in.

Show Of The Week

Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) & The Bolts Of Melody

w/ Rabbits,
The Arms


$12 | All Ages
(1717 N Silverlake Blvd)


MONDAY JAN. 11TH, 2010

JAX Pick
The French Semester, The Monolators, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Asbury @ The Echo - FREE (21 Yrs+)

JAX PickWeed Diamond, Tan Dollar, Wonder Wheel @ Synchronicity Space - $5 All Ages

- Year Long Disaster, Fatso Jetson, Hydrovibe, It’s Casual @ Spaceland - FREE (21 Yrs+)
- Sean Carnage Presents Thurston Moore Is A Faggot, Tenlons Fort, Elijah Crampton, Tik///tik @ pehrspace - $5 All Ages
- Jesca Hoop, Maria Taylor, Brandon Walters, Mark Growden, Nicole Simone, Ryan Harrison and The Orphans @ The Hotel Cafe - (21 Yrs+)
- The Steelwells, Yellow Red Sparks, The Romany Rye @ Silverlake Lounge - Free (21 Yrs+)
- The Northstar Session, Clockwork, David George @ Bootleg Theater - FREE All Ages
- Odawas, Dominique Leone, The Vespertines @ Echo Curio - $5 (All Ages)



JAX Pick Vampire Weekend, Very Be Careful
@ The Henry Fonda Theater - SOLD OUT

JAX Pick
Seven Saturdays, The Parson Red Heads, Go West Young Man @ Bootleg Theater - $8 (All Ages)

- Obi Best, The Monthlies, Queen Kwong, Meredith Meyer, + DJ MR Shovel @ Spaceland (21 yrs+)
- Olin & the Moon, Eleni Mandell @ The Echo - FREE (21 Yrs+)
- The Secret 6. Lantvrn, Lucy Ryder @ Silverlake Lounge - $8 (21 Yrs+)
- Garrison Starr, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, Daphne Willis, Anna Rose @ The Hotel Cafe
- Phenomenal Handclap Band, Jubilee @ cinespace
- Static Aktion Showcase w/ Cloaked Light, Pale Blue Sky, Josh Burke, Infinite Body, Rale, Mirror To Mirror, Earn + Pedestrian Deposit @ Echo Curio - $5 (All Ages)
- Howie Day @ The Roxy Theatre
- The Pee-Wee Herman Show @ Club Nokia



JAX PickJam for Ron Asheton feat Scott Asheton, Mike Watt, & Steve Mackay of the Stooges, Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Chad Smith (RHCP), Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), Clem Burke and More @ The Roxy

JAX PickThe Phenomenal Handclap Band, The Holloys, Jogger, White Arrows @ The Echo - $10 (18Yrs+)

- CLUB NME w/ The Meeting Places, Wrong Way Driver, The Robotanists, OVideo @ Spaceland (21 yrs+)
- Oh Darling, The Passports, Mia Maestro, Nadine & Terence @ Bootleg Theater - $8 (All Ages)
- Molino, Space Waves, Half Hearted @ Silverlake Lounge - $8 (21Yrs+)
- Spaceland On Ice w/ Le Switch, New World Record @ Pershing Square - 7PM FREE (All Ages)
- Nana Grizol, Pangea, Devon Williams, Moses Campbell @ The Smell - $5 (All Ages)
- Awesometown w/ Jubilee, Mid City West, Dirty Dave, Anne Lee @ Shortstop Bar
- Boats, Batwings Catwings, Rough Kids @ Echo Curio - $5 (All Ages)
- Dub Club Presents Willi Williams with The Expanders featuring David Hillyard, Larry McDonald, Mr. T-Bone, Jah Faith @ The Echoplex - $10 (18 Yrs+)
- The Pee-Wee Herman Show @ Club Nokia



JAX Pick Kimya Dawson, Your Heart Breaks (Seattle, WA), Angelo Spencer (Olympia, WA) @ The Smell - $8 All Ages

JAX PickTwilight Sleep, The Arms, A Decent Animal, Red Tide @ Silverlake Lounge - $8 (21 Yrs+)

- Robert James, Cigarette Bums, Manhattan Murder Mystery @ L'KEG Gallery - $5 All Ages
- The Finches, Red Pony Clock, The Paddle Boat @ Synchronicity Space - $5 All Ages
- The Builders and The Butchers, Blue Giant, Mia Riddle @ Spaceland (21 yrs+)
- Man/Miracle @ Origami Vinyl - 7PM - FREE
- Creedle, Upsilon Acrux @ Bootleg Theater - $10 (All Ages)
- Gestapo Khazi, Stab City, The Champanties, The Choke @ Alex's Bar Long Beach (21 Yrs+)
-Performer Magazine Presents Julia Nunes (early set), Danny Tieger, Make Moon @ The Echo - $15 (All Ages)
- Alberta Cross, Hacienda, The Jakes @ The Troubadour - $12 (All Ages)
- The Pee-Wee Herman Show @ Club Nokia
- The Daylights, Golden State, Apollo Run, The Spring Standards, Kelly Dalton @ Hotel Cafe
- Van Dyke Parks, Clare & the Reasons, Josh Mease @ McCabe's Guitar Shop
- So Many Wizards, Man/Miracle, Briefcase Scenario, W.M.X. & Most Things @ Downtown Independent Theatre - FREE SHOW (21 Yrs+)
- The Garden Party w/ Correatown, Garland, Vanaprasta, All Wrong & The Plans Changes @ Junglerush - $5
- Killing Spree Night @ Medusa Lounge


FRIDAY JAN. 15TH, 2010

JAX Pick Abe Vigoda, Alps Of New South Wales, Signals, M,Women @ Echo Curio - $5 All Ages

JAX Pick Dios, Forcefield ON, Bella Novela, Pterodactyl, Eugene and the 1914 @ Alex's Bar - (21 Yrs+)

- New Planets, Tigers Can Bite You, Luke Janela, Modern Time Machines @ pehrspace - $5 All Ages
- Night Horse, Dusted Angel, Normandie @ Spaceland (21 yrs+)
- Mount Righteous, Seasons @ Bootleg Theater - $8 (All Ages)
- GZA, Curtains, DJ Dark Alley @ The Echoplex - %16 (18 Yrs+)
- Club Underground w/ Psychic Powers, Evan Voytas @ The Echo - $5/$7 Under 21Yrs (18 yrs+)
- Styx @ House Of Blues Anaheim
- The Pee-Wee Herman Show @ Club Nokia
- The Outline, Mini Mansions, Superhumanoids @ The Unknown Theatre - $10 (All Ages)


JAN. 16TH, 2010

JAX Pick FYF Fest Presents AA Bondy, Nik Frantis, Willy Mason @ The Echo - EARLY SHOW 6PM - $10 All Ages

JAX Pick Moses Campbell, Watercolor Paintings, Subtle Selves, Voice On Tape @ The Smell - $5 All Ages

- Merry Christmas, Les Blanks, Roman Candles, Plus Special Guests @ L'Keg Gallery - $5 All Ages
- Meho Plaza, SISU, boxViolet, soccoro @ pehrspace - $5 All Ages
- Orphan Fairytale, Dolphins into the Future, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Eekhorn X, Helmutmut @ Synchronicity Space - $5 All Ages
- Hockey, Asa Ransom, Eastern Conference Champions @ Spaceland (21 yrs+)
Foot Foot, The Finches, Ash Reiter, Loyal Sons & Daughters @ Echo Curio - $5 (All Ages)
- Funk Sole @ The Echo - 10PM FREE (21 Yrs+)
- My American Heart, AJ Rafael, On The Surface, Polaris at Noon @@ The Troubadour - $12 (All Ages)
- The Pee-Wee Herman Show @ Club Nokia
- Papa, Slang Chickens @ Bootleg Theatre


JAN. 17TH, 2010

JAX PickHell Ya! Presents Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody, Rabbits (Featuring Jack Burnside of Mezzanine Owls, Jenni Tarma of Eskimohunter), The Arms @ Spaceland - $12 DOS (21 yrs+)

JAX PickPart Time Punks w/ Yummy Fur (Members of Franz Ferdinand & The 1990s), Neverever @ The Echo - $8 (18 Yrs+)

- Castanets, Tiger Saw, Alps Of New South Wales, Bridges Academy Rock Recital @ Bootleg Theater - $10 (All Ages)
- ORPHAN FAIRYTALE (Belgium), DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE (Belgium), EEKHOORN X (Belgium), HELMUTMUT (Belgium), JAMES FERRARO (member of The Skaters) @ K'Keg Gallery - $5 All Ages
- Rival Sons Residency @ Cinespace - 18 Yrs+
- Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kepi Ghoulie, Partners in 818 @ Echo Curio - $5 (All Ages)

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