Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rock Insider Presents: You Me & Iowa At Spaceland! Exclusive New Track Download

You Me & Iowa (Los Angeles, CA)

Remember once upon a time when Rock Insider used to do a bunch of fabulous presents shows in LA and NYC every month? We took a hiatus from party throwing last year to focus on our new little label JAXART and several dozen other projects.

Well the long break is over!! Rock Insider will be presenting it's first show in over a year at Spaceland on Saturday April 25th with performances from You Me & Iowa, Avi Buffalo, The Hectors, and We Fly By Night!

Details can be found here as well as below.

You Me & Iowa are hard at work on a new full length to be released later in 2009. We have an exclusive first listen to one of their self-produced demos! The track is called "Howling at the Summer" and if you ask me it sounds pretty damn "profesh." Download it below!

[MP3] You Me & Iowa - Howling At The Summer

Rock Insider Presents

You Me & Iowa
Avi Buffalo
The Hectors
We Fly By Night (San Francisco, CA)

Saturday April 25th, 2009 at Spaceland
$8 Advance | $10 At The Door
Doors at 9PM | 21 Yrs +

1717 N Silverlake Blvd In Silverlake

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Flying Tourbillon, Vaudeville TONIGHT at SLL

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA)

I took a nice long weekend off writing and now I feel like I have sooo much to catch up on! I uploaded some photos from various weekend events to my flickr page which can be viewed here.

TONIGHT it's on as Rock Insider and Web In Front team up to present Vaudeville, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Sarah Woods, and Jake Blanton at the Silverlake Lounge. admission is $7 and 21 Yrs +

Rock Insider + Web In Front present...
DJ Sets By Young Animals

$7 | 21 Yrs + | Doors at 8:30

[MP3] The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra - In A Dream
[MP3] Vaudeville - My Worried Mind
[MP3] Young Animals - Death Rattle
[Stream] Jake Blanton - Sounds Like Nothing
[Stream] Sarah Woods - 145 and Amsterdam

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

JAXart Party This Friday At Pehrspace

I've been out miserably sick the past week or so. This Friday's JAXart Party totally snuck up on me. Still, it's going to be an absolutely great time.

There will be performances from The Valley Arena, Wake Up Incinerate, The Soft Hands, and The Front. Admission is only $5 and its BYOB. I will have a special stash of free beverages at the show. Come and find me and I'll hook you up.

See you Friday!

Click the "Play" button on the flash player below below to listen to The Valley Arena's "Kick At The Ceiling."

The single will be available digitally and on 7 inch vinyl Sept. 11th through JAXart Records.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Next Indie Schmindie Lineup Announced!

"Indie Schmindie!" is all about supporting your local music scene.

I know Glendale is far off the beaten path for most, (Com'on people. it's 5 minutes from Silver Lake/Echo Park) but thats what makes these shows SO GREAT. The audience is usually small, the bands STELLAR, and everyone who comes out is there to hang out, have fun, and just enjoy the music.

If you want to get your photo taken or be seen with Sparks tongue - THIS IS NOT THE SHOW FOR YOU.

Lineup for the next Schmindie is below. I do hope to see you at The Scene on August 9th!

Rock Insider Presents:
"Indie Schmindie!"
Thursday August 9th, 2007
At The Scene Bar In Glendale

Performances From:
Strangers Smile
Meho Plaza
Austin James Band

$5 || 21 Yrs | Doors At 9 PM

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Rock Insider Presents: Indie Schmindie! This Thursday At The Scene

The Monolators To Perform At The "Indie Schmindie!" This Thursday At The Scene In Glendale

[MP3] The Front - Social Bat
[MP3] The Monolators - Strawberry Roan
[MP3] Wait Think Fast - Bridge And Cars
[MP3] The Transmissions - I'll Run It

It's hard to believe it has been almost a month since our last Schmindie. Time seriously flew by at warp speed. My head is still spinning from The Henry Clay People's amazing performance.

This month The Central Second Collective will be co-presenting the schmindig with a lineup that seriously cannot be beat. The Monolators, The Front, Wait Think Fast, The Transmissions will all be gracing the stage this Thursday night. 4 great bands for only five bucks! LA Times Buzz Bands Blogger Kevin Bronson will be tearing up the decks.

Forgo the guest list and support your local music scene by buying a ticket. 100% of the money made at the door goes to the band's that play!

See You At The Scene!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rock Insider Show This Saturday!

Rock Insider, Radio Free Silverlake, KXLU Present: Radars To The Sky This Saturday At The Echo!

June 30th - Radars To The Sky At The Echo
$7 || $5 with Flyer || 18 Yrs +
KXLU, Radio Free Silverlake, & Rock Insider Present: Radars To The Sky
with The Henry Clay People, Tigers Can Bite You, Molecules

[MP3] Radars To The Sky - Wave Goodbye To The Sun
[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Children of Chin
[MP3] Molecules - Vivians Epiphany Part 3
[MP3] Tigers Can Bite You - Rough Stuff

This Saturday Rock Insider alongside our super good friends Radio Free Silverlake and KXLU will be presenting the very promising local indie rockers Radars To The Sky at The Echo. The buzz on this band has been steadily brewing since the release of their debut EP in February. I haven't had the opportunity to see them yet and I'm quite excited about experiencing them live.

Radars To The Sky will be supported by a stellar lineup of amazing local acts including my latest obsession: The Henry Clay People. Come early and stay late!

Read More About Radars To The Sky At:

LA Times Buzz Bands [article]
Radio Free Silverlake - Mini Interview [article]
Floating Away - troubadour Reveiw [article]
Music Glob - EP review [article]
Passion of The Weiss - CD Release Show Review [article]

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Schmindie Recap...Destroying The Scene

The Henry Clay People preparing for destruction!

Last night Rock Insider presented a lineup of The Henry Clay People, Death To Anders, and Derek Halet. Starting off let's say that The Henry Clay People freaking kill.

If you will, imagine someone preaching rock at you. What an insanely killer set! Now if you were there last night, you cherish watching a small riot started and climaxing with Joey bringing both himself, his guitar, and his monitor off the stage almost face first (afterwards hearing that he may have broken his hand but he was doing fine at the end of the show - though I heard about a crunchy hand). You just don't get shows like that anymore. Honestly if you haven't seen or heard these guys at least check them out may piss your pants it's so good.

Here's where the riot started to culminate:

One of those people shouldn't be on stage actually...

Let me conclude with the fact that I am downright pissed at myself for not grabbing a pic of him laid out on the floor off that stage with the monitor by him when the management came to call it a night! Darn you camera full of pictures!

Right before them were Death To Anders who were so fun to watch. Kind of reminded me of a more accesible Explosions in the Sky (not to mention the songs had much more energy). The guys rocked the crap out of their sweat drenched set! I really wouldn't mind catching them at a festival to hear them on a mega sound system.

Opening up the set was Derek Halet with his new expanded band that included a vibes/organ player. A sinfully melodious voice. A good way to start the night up. Loved the new song and it's still stuck in my head. You really should check him out as he's got something different to offer the scene. I'd put him in league with the likes of Ferraby Lionheart with just his solid songwriting and lush voice. I'm so looking forward to his EP which should be out any week now. Stop taking so long and get that thing mixed already!

VIDEO: Derek Halet performing "Letters"

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Save The Dates: Rock Insider Summer Shows

This summer is going to be the busiest in Rock Insider history. Lots of great stuff in the works including TONS of amazing Rock Insider Shows!

List Below. More will be posted throughout the summer. Check out a few good MP3s from the bands playing and be sure to Save the dates!

TONIGHT! - Rock Insider's Indie Schmindie! At The Scene In Glendale
Admission: $5 || 21 Yrs +
with The Henry Clay People, Death To Anders, Derek Halet

Click Here For MP3s

June 30th - Radars To The Sky At The Echo
$7 || $5 with Flyer || 18 Yrs +
KXLU, Radio Free Silverlake, & Rock Insider Present: Radars To The Sky
with The Henry Clay People, Tigers Can Bite You, Molecules

[MP3] Radars To The Sky - Wave Goodbye To The Sun
[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Children of Chin
[MP3] Molecules - Vivians Epiphany Part 3
[MP3] Tigers Can Bite You - Rough Stuff

July 5th - Facing New York At The Troubadour
$10 || ALL AGES!
Rock Insider Presents with The Valley Arena, The Outline, Cavil At Rest

[MP3] The Valley Area - Kick At The Ceiling
[MP3] Cavil At Rest - Sun Hands

The Monolators

July 12th - Rock Insider's Indie Schmindie! At
The Scene
Admission: $5 || 21 yrs +
with The Monolators, Wait Think Fast, The Transmissions

[MP3] The Monolators - Strawberry Roan
[MP3] Wait Think Fast - Bridge And Cars


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Indie Schmindie Returns Tomorrow Night!

Rock Insider's "Indie Schmindie" Returns TOMORROW NIGHT!

[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Children Of Chin
[MP3] Death To Anders - Molasses

It's been a while since our last Schmindie! Wow, FEBRUARY in fact (Yeesh!) Never fear the Schmindig is back and officially will be setting up shop at The Scene Bar in Glendale the 2nd Thursday of EVERY month.

As always the Schmindie will showcase the best music the east side has to offer. Let me tell you - This month's lineup is Smart. We have three truly tremendous bands performing: The Henry Clay People, Death To Anders, and Derek Halet.

The Henry Clay People

I've talked about The Henry Clay People's new album Blacklist The Kid With The Red Moustache before. SUCH a great album. Read my review about it right here. The band have been playing a ton of shows around LA in the past few months, winning over audiences left and right. I know that sounds like press release jargon, but in the case of the Clay People - it actually happens to be true.

Death To Anders

Death To Anders sent me their new full length Punctuate The Calamities, in the mail a few months back. The handmade CD literally got stuck in my car stereo for 2 months. I couldn't get the darn thing out! It only took 1 listen for me to like the record and after 200 times more through it I can honestly say the CD is fantastic.

Derek Halet

This will also be Rock Insider's 3rd show with scene newcomer Derek Halet. His music music hovers somewhere between Jeff Buckley and Radiohead and MAN does this kid have pipes. Derek has been in the studio recording an upcoming EP. As soon as I have an MP3 I can post it will be up on the site. In the meantime, come savor his heavenly voice live

What ties these three acts together is their attention to detail, experimental style, and some of the smartest lyrics I've heard in a long time. Admission for Tomorrow night's show is only $5. Bring a friend and we'll see you there!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

The visuals from last night's Rock Insider show at the Troubadour

Nicole (how the heck did I miss you last night?) will give you the perspective on last night's killer show at the Troubadour featuring The Front for their CD release party, The Dodo's, The Mezzanine Owls, and The Sunday Drivers. I offer you pics and clips. If you were there you know it was a great show. Thanks to all who showed up and supported...Cheers Aubrey!

Working backwards from headliner to opener:
The Front (who rocked the crap out of that stage):

Next backwards were the Mezzanine Owls who got heads bobbing and made you feel alright:

Next up we're The Dodo's who freaking killed it. I said it once and I'll say it again, "WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DUO!" I loved the new songs. What a passionate performance!
Here's Meric doing some solo work:

Together rocking out:

Opening the night up was The Sunday Drivers, who I must say, did a fantastic job. They rocked out and warmed the crowd up for the rest of the night's festivities. I liked their sound live much better than the recordings even.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ROCK INSIDER PRESENTS: The Front at The Troubador

Lady Jax is still trying to come back to the land of the living from the land of Deseret. Sadly this also puts her away from her computer to post about little things like hmmm...a show she's presenting. Darn you Mormon country! But seriously, a fantastic lineup tonight for an insanely cheap amount of money ($8). I'm excited to hear The Front as I've heard a lot of buzz about them. A couple of tracks can be heard right below. Also, Kevin Bronson over at the LA Times gave a writeup on his buzzbands blog praising them as well as tonight's openers, Sunday Drivers.

Next up in the set are The Dodo's who I feel are a band that have all the potential for longevity with their fresh sound and clever songwriting. Jax raves about them and I can't get enough of them every time they come down from SF. Not to be missed.

Rounding out the set are The Mezzanine Owls who consistently give strong performances. The lads are slowly carving out a nice size niche audience in LA.

Tonight should be great and I look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces out there. I mean hey it's Wednesday night and dare I say you can't get a better deal for live music tonight.

The Front, The Dodo's, the Mezzanine Owls, and The Sunday Drivers
@ The Troubador
Flash Hawk Parlour Ensemble,Horse feather, and Tom Heinl @Spaceland
Buddy, Softlightes, and Robert Francis @ The Silverlake Lounge
Rocca Delucca and the Burden @ The Fonda
Lindesy Buckingham @ The House of Blues
Anavan, The Mormons, The Shark That Ate My Friend, and Bloody Robots @ The Scene Bar
The Shys @ Boardner's
Mia Doi Todd @ The Airliner

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rock Insider Presents (yet another amazing show): Miniature Tigers at The Mint

Aubrey (one of Jax's many minions) here writing a short note while our lady is in New York enjoying the fruits of corporate luxury. Tonight she's throwing yet another amazing show that she won't be at. Make sure you tell her all that she missed by working for the man.

A short while ago she mentioned finding a band with the cutest name? Aka Miniature Tigers...
(Don't forget to show up early for up and comer Derek Halet...incredible voice!)

Though it be on the westside, show your love by feeding the starving musicians and Miniature Tigers.

[JAX PICK] Miniature Tigers, Derek Halet and a hidden guest @ The Mint
Peachfuzz, The Makeout Party, The Rolling Blackouts and Sweet Evil @ The Echo
MSTRKRFT, Steve Aoki, and Lazaro Casanova @ The Roxy
The New Motherf&%$ers, Softboiled Eggies, Zodiac Death Valley and The Hard Place @ The Smell
Matt Skiba, Chuck Ragan, and Yellow Red Sparks @ Troubador
Jessica Fichot, Laura Weinbach, and Vermillion Lies @ Bordello
Mark Seliger's Rusty Truck, Ralph Covert and The Bad Examples, and Dimebox Band @ Silverlake Lounge
Lux & Ruby's Burlesque-A-Go-Go w/286, Lightnin' Bill Woodcock, and Stone Fox @ The Scene

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now Blog This! TONIGHT At The Scene

Now Blog This! TONIGHT At The Scene In Glendale

[MP3] The Pity Party - WMD
[MP3] The Clean Prophets - Tambourine Crown
[MP3] The Western States Motel - Powerlines
[MP3] The Valley Arena - Kick At The Ceiling

What happens when you put 4 L.A. Music Bloggers in a room, have them each pick their band du jour and tell them they have free reign of your venue for one evening? Well, I guess will find out TONIGHT at The Scene in Glendale as You Set The Scene, Radio Free Silverlake, Little Radio and yours truly present Now Blog This! - an LA Local Music showcase featuring performances from The Western States Motel, The Pity Party, The Clean Prophets and The Valley Arena. It's going to be BLOGS GONE WILD TONIGHT! Icing on the cake: Kevin Bronson from the LA Buzz Bands Blog and Sylvia from Sea Level will be manning the decks.

The Valley Arena

I chose The Valley Arena for the show. Dear friends of mine and a crazy talented band that frickin rock on stage. You can read my interview with frontman Warren Woodward right here.


I really must give a huge shout out to Allen - the talent buyer at The Scene for all his hardwork organizing this show. He is such a stand up guy and truly passionate about music. Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

Admission is only $5 and goes straight to the bands - so don't ask me about guestlist. Support the scene yo.



Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rock Insider Presents Peter & The Wolf This Friday!

Peter & The Wolf: Red Hunter + Friends

[MP3] Peter & The Wolf - The Ivy
[MP3] Peter & The Wolf - Safe Travels

It is no secret that we here at Rock Insider absolutely love the delicious timber of Red Hunter's haunting voice. Peter and The Wolf did a show with us back in January that was a huge success. When the opportunity to present another show for the wayfaring traveler presented itself - we jumped on the opportunity.

Rock Insider is very pleased to present Peter and The Wolf this Friday April 13th at Pehrspace in Echo Park. We're totally flying by the seat of our pants with this one. The bands were recruited last night and the show was literally confirmed this morning. Also performing: The Monolators, Luke Paquin (of Hot Hot Heat Fame), Divisadero, and Fawnhawk.

Pehrspace is an awesome art gallery space just off Glendale on the other side of the freeway in Echo Park. They have been doing a lot of shows as of late - including a Monday night residency with quirky electro punk's Anavan.

They have been kind enough to host this show with only a few days notice. In return all we ask is that you keep the party indoors (its a residential neighborhood y'all) and be mindful of the 'hood. There is a $5 Donation at the door and the show is All Ages.

Peter and The Wolf are currently midway through a U.S. Tour. Red will be selling his new Lo-fi handmade CD, Fireflies at the show. For more tour dates click here.

Rock Insider Presents

An Evening With
Peter & The Wolf

With Luke Paquin
The Monolators

Friday April 13th At Pehrspace
(325 Glendale Blvd In Echo Park)

$5 Donation || All Ages || Doors At 9 PM

For Info Go To or


Monday, April 02, 2007

Rock Insider Presents: Man Man, Simon Dawes April 5th At The Roxy

Man Man's latest release - Six Demon Bag is Out Now on Ace Fu Records

[MP3] Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox
[MP3] Simon Dawes - Salute The Institution

I cut my teeth in the Los Angeles music world far from the eastside dives and small indie venues of Silverlake. I moved to Los Angeles at the ripe old age of 19 and found it impossible to get into most venues that were 21 yrs + Sure you can get far with fake IDs, but I was blessed with the inability to lie convincingly. The second I was outed by a security guard for not being "Martha Pufferkins" I would burst into tears. With no other option westside all ages haunts like The Troubadour, The Roxy, and The Knitting Factory became my home away from home (well, home away from car).

Then magically I turned 21 yrs old and was able to broaden my music options considerably. Somehow I lost sight of the westside. It's been a long time since I've been immersed in that world and even longer since I've put on an event on thats side of town. After meeting the positively wonderful people who work for The Roxy I decided to give the Sunset Strip another chance.

Without further ado Rock Insider is very pleased to present Man Man with local favorites
Simon Dawes and The Ventriloquists April 5th at The Roxy Theatre!

Man Man's latest release Six Demon Bag is a raucous record filled with Vaudevillian character and punk rock crass. Pitchfork gave it an appropriate 8.3 rating. Records that break the norm to this degree are few and far between. Added bonus - The band's live show has long been heralded as "Totally Bananas." Download Six Demon Bag on iTUNES.

Simon Dawes had an insanely busy 2006. The Northridge, CA natives latest album, Carnivore, came out on Record Collection, the band hit the road with Band Of Horses, and somehow they found the time to set up shop at The Echo for a Free Monday Night Residency. With an arsenal of solid tracks founded in progressive folk Simon Dawes certainly entertain. Download Carnivore on ITUNES.

Tickets to the show are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. See you there!

[JAX PICK] The Minor Canon, Nico Stai, Repeater, The By and By @ Spaceland - FREE
[JAX PICK] Ratatat, 120 Days, Despot @ Henry Fonda Theatre
Wires On Fire, Sabertooth Tiger@ Silverlake Lounge - FREE
ACT OUT! Larry Bagby Max Ciano Cory Lamb @ Tangier
The Binges, Price, The New Hotness, Steel @ King King
Deimos @ Troubadour
Ernie Halter, Nina Story, Jordan Lawhead, Tim Fagan, Aaron Mannino @ Hotel Cafe
[JAX PICK] Anavan, Health, A++ Foot Village @ Pehrspace
Totally Radd!! Pop Noir Eastern Conference Champions, Circus Minor @ The Viper Room
The Secret Handshake, New Year's Day, Peachcake, Halos, The Bleeding Alarm @ Knitting Factory Front Room
[JAX PICK] Andy & Frankie's Social Club Presents ROONEY/Big City Rock/Golden State/Scanners @ The Roxy - $10
The Black Pine, The Poor Excuses, Lion Of Panjshir @ The Echo - FREE
Quan & the Chinese Take-Outs, The Changos,The Spanks @ The Scene, Glendale
A Faulty Chromosome, Waterlaso, and Tanks, Clark 8 @ Mr T's Bowl


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chuck Norris Day Celebration This Friday At El Cid!

Celebrate Chuck Norris Day This Friday At El Cid.

[MP3] The Cassettes - Lady Faire
[MP3] The Deadly Syndrome - I Hope I Become A Ghost
[MP3] To Live And Die In L.A. - What We Have Is Now
[MP3] Cavil At Rest - Sun Hands

I was going to celebrate my 23rd birthday this Friday at our next Rock Insider Presents Show.

However, plans change when you find out you share the same birthday as your national hero and mine: CHUCK NORRIS.

Given the fact that ole' Chuckers is the cure for Ebola I've decided to concede my birthday celebrations in lieu to his greatness.

This Friday we will be celebrating CHUCK NORRIS DAY.

Admission is $8 and is 21 Yrs +

This lineup is one of the better lineups I have had in recent memory and my first show EVER on a weekend (about time!). I expect everyone to be there because CHUCK NORRIS expects you to be there.

Random Chuck Norris Fact Generator [website]

Rock Insider + Buddyhead + The Fold Present
Friday March 9th, 2007 At El Cid

Performances From:
The Cassettes
The Deadly Syndrome
To Live And Die In L.A.
Cavil At Rest

Doors At 9PM | $8 | 21 Yrs +
Address: 4212 Sunset Blvd [MAP]

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Monday, February 12, 2007

"Indie Schmindie!" Returns This Thursday At The Scene!

So once upon a time I tried to get this awesome club night called "Indie Schmindie!" off the ground. We found a home at Little Pedro's downtown. Awesome venue, great crowd, some really tremendous bands, and a lot of promise.

Unfortunately at the time the venue was going through a changing of the guard (it's now called the Bordello. The Fold will be booking events there) and we were left homeless.

All that changes this week. I am please to announce the triumphant return of Rock Insider's "Indie Schmindie!" this Thursday at The Scene in Glendale.

For those of you who think it's too out of the way and inconvenient - GOOD. We don't want you there anyways. This show is for music lovers only. Check your industry ID and inflated ego at the door. If you want to come rock out with 4 AMAZING bands for $5 than you're more than welcome to join us. It's going to be awesome no matter what!

Rock Insider Presents
"Indie Schmindie!"

Thursday February 15th, 2007

with performances from:

Mezzanine Owls
official site

[MP3] Mezzanine Owls - Lightbulb

The Good Listeners
official site

[MP3] The Good Listeners - Isolation Booth

official site

[MP3] Tandemoro - We've Got Time

VIDEO: Tandemoro - Patch Of Luck

[MP3] Cavil At Rest - Sun Hands
official site

Video: Cavil At Rest - Who's There (From Orion Way)

The fellers in Tandemoro also made this amazing flyer for the show. Good job gents! I like minimali

JAX - The Rock Insider

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Light FM, The Valley Arena TONIGHT At Silverlake Lounge


I'm going for broke this week on the show front. Like I've said before: "No sleep for the Rock Insider."

Be sure to head over to the Silverlake Lounge TONIGHT as Rock Insider Presents: Light FM, The Valley Arena, Thieves and Liars, and Stepsonday At Silverlake Lounge. Admission is 21 Yrs + and only $7.

Download MP3s and Get More Info By Clicking Here.

Birdmonster's Peter Arcuni

I am TIRED with a capitol Zzzs after last night's Hell Ya! A lot of awesomeness jammed a lot in a short period of time. Birdmonster's new songs are amazing. According to the band they played them "sloppy" and they're "Not done yet" but you could have fooled me. They are fast, they are fun, they layered, and overall: completely FANTASTIC.

Birdmonster will be playing tonight at The Alley in Fullerton. The show is all ages.

To Live And Die In L.A.

[MP3] To Live And Die In L.A. - What We Have Is Now

To Live And Die In LA played second and were unbelievable. Don't let the name fool you - the band got their start in Portland, OR and recently moved to Echo Park to record a new album. Ethereal rock n' roll with epic guitars and lots of fuzz. "What We Have Is Now" is now my official anthem for 2007.

You can quote me on that come December. Download it now.


Satellite Party

Satellite Party (I.E. Perry Farrell's new band) are doing a SHHHH! SECRET SHOW AT CLUB SPACELAND TONIGHT. I guess it's no secret now thanks to Kevin at the Buzz Bands Blog (You rock dude)

Chances are there will be a line out the door and down Silver Lake Blvd. Trust Me - YOU WON'T GET IN. It will be packed and uncomfortable. COME TO MY SHOW INSTEAD. It's right up the street, there is cheap adult beverages and lots of rock and or roll (shameless self promotion alert!).

Rock Insider Presents: Light FM, The Valley Arena, Thieves and Liars, Stepsonday @ Silverlake Lounge - $7
The Solutionists, Gram Rabbit @ Club Spaceland
Baxter House, Seasons, The Sufferers Incorporated @ Mr Ts Bowl
Morgan & The Hidden Hands, Leviathan Brother's, Fishtank Ensemble @ Tangier
Wallpaper Airplanes, Adam Labov, Perris-Beauchamp @ The Derby
Alexa Wilkinson, Ian Maddy, Coyote Grace @ The Mint
Priscilla Ahn, Anya Marina, My Imaginary Friends @ Hotel Cafe
Oliver Future, Dial Zero, Feed The Kitty, Rama Duke @ The Viper Room
Will Hoge, The Drams, The Jane Doe's @ The Knitting Factory, Main Stage
Deerhoof @ The El Rey
Dub Club @ The Echo
The Dirty Kings, The New Hotness, Roses on Her Grave @ The Scene

JAX - The Rock Insider

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rock Insider Presents: Light FM, The Valley Arena Jan 24th At SLL

Third times the charm! In our continuing series introducing new music to the eastside Rock Insider is pleased to present Light FM, The Valley Arena, Thieves And Liars, And Stepsonday this Wednesday Jan. 24th, 2007 at Silverlake Lounge.

You might remember our previous presents shows with Ferraby Lionheart and Peter and The Wolf. This show will feature a louder set of FULL ON rock bands I absolutely love. Word to the wise: IT WILL BE LOUD AND TONS OF FUN.


[Stream] Light FM - Save The Drama

Don't let the name fool you (I will admit it threw me off a bit too) there is nothing LIGHT about Light FM . Their debut album - This is the Beginning of My Golden Age is loaded with enough catchy hooks to sink a battleship. Indie 103.1 have already caught on and have been playing Light FM in regular rotation. My friend Chris is also a fan. Find out more information on the band's myspace page.


[MP3] The Valley Arena
- For The Bitter Amputees

The Valley Arena have the distinction of being the first band to ever play a Rock Insider show (held on March 15th, 2005 at The Key Club in Hollywood. They were the first band). I have been DYING to do a show with them ever since. I listened to 2005's Take Comfort In Strangers, on repeat for months straight and to this day it remains one of my favorite albums.

The Valley Arena
will be doing a West Coast Tour this spring with Le Meu Le Purr. Download "For The Bitter Amputees" from their last album above and head over to the band's myspace page to listen to two BRAND NEW tracks.


[MP3] Thieves & Liars - The Dream

I am soooo super excited that I am finally able to bring San Diego's Thieves and Liars to Los Angeles. This show is my third (and hopefully final) attempt to bring their amazing blend of classic rock and art metal to the eastside. A lineup change and a venue closing foiled my two previous tries. Now the date is set and the rock is on. Listen to new tracks here.


[MP3] Stepsonday - High Five

I met Mr. Jason Ford Turner (aka Stepsonday) through my friends in Briertone. What an amazing person. The Bakersfield native recently relocated to Los Angeles and just began playing shows around town. Stepsonday's music is simply fantastic upbeat rock n pop - not to mention a lot of fun to play.

Right now there are only two rough demos up on myspace. Jason is currently finishing up his full length record (new tracks are reallllllllly great) which will be available near the end of Feb.

Admission is only $7. Come out and enjoy new music!

Rock Insider + The Fold Present

Wednesday January 24th, 2007
At Silverlake Lounge

Light FM

The Valley Arena

Thieves And Liars


$7 | 21 Yrs +
Doors At 8 PM

2906 Sunset Blvd


JAX - The Rock Insider

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