Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Music From Jenn Grant - Echoes

Jenn Grant (Halifax, NS)

Words cannot describe how much I love love love love LOVVVVVE Jenn Grant's debut LP Orchestra For The Moon. You may remember we touted the Eastern Canadian songstress' greatness way back in August of 2007.
Jenn Grant is the best thing to come from the Maritime provinces in a very long time.

The buzz is still relatively tame on
Jenn Grant. I feel because she hasn't had the opportunities to tour the states the same way Feist has. Jenn will be coming to Los Angeles Feb 5th as one of three artists handpicked by CIRPA for a Grammy showcase and will be in Austin,TX in March for SXSW. I will be front row center for her showcase.

Jenn will follow Orchestra for The Moon this year with an amazing sophomore LP entitled Echoes. Echoes takes off where OFTM left off with a fuller sound, AMAZING songs, and oh my god THAT voice. It's like fine china, kid's furniture, and puppies all rolled into one sublime tone.

You may think my comparison is wacky but it will become apparent on the track "Heartbreaker" - which will easily be on every mixtape I send out this year. Download the track plus another track off Echo called "Blue Mountains" below!

Jenn will be heading out on tour in February. No U.S. dates but plenty in Canada and the UK! Check them out below.

[MP3] Jenn Grant - Heartbreaker
[MP3] Jenn Grant - Blue Mountains

Jenn Grant - Echoes Track Listing
01 Heartbreaker
02 You'll Go Far
03 Where Are You Now
04 Blue Mountains
05 Parachutes
06 I Was Your Woman
07 (I've Got) The Two Of You
08 Sailing By Silverships
09 Fireflies
10 Hawaii
11 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
12 Everybody Loves You
13 I'll See You Again 78rpm


TORONTO, ON: The Mod Club, Feb 12 w/ Kevin Hearn
MONTREAL, QC: The Green Mile, Feb 13
WAKEFIELD, QC: The Blacksheep Inn, Feb 14 w/ Kevin Hearn
HALIFAX, NS: Dalhousie University - The Rebecca Cohn, Feb 15 w/ Kevin Hearn
SHEFFIELD, UK: The Grapes, Feb 18 w/ Kevin Hearn
NEWCASTLE, UK: Studio in Live Theatre, Feb 21 w/ Kevin Hearn
DUBLIN, UK: The Ruby Sessions, Feb 24 w/ Kevin Hearn
LONDON, UK: The Macbeth, Feb 25 w/ Kevin Hearn
BRIGHTON, UK: Engine Room, Feb 27 w/ Kevin Hearn
TORONTO, ON: CMW, March 14
AUSTIN, TX: SXSW, March 18 - 22

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Julie Doiron - Woke Myself Up

New Brunswick Songstress Julie Doiron.

My friend Sue from Halifax Nova Scotia has been staying with me for the past few weeks working on a photography project on the LA river. Yesterday she bought me a vintage portable record player at a barber shop in Silverlake. The needle skips and there is a slight warping but damnit Carol King has never sounded better.

Sue has introduced me to a plethora of great new music in the last few weeks. Yesterday she brought home an LP for the singer/songwriter Julie Doiran. Her 2004 album Woke Myself Up was released on JagJaguwar in the US. Julie began her musical career in 1990 playing bass for the psychedelic folk band Eric's Trip - who released several albums on Sub Pop in the mid-nineties.

Julie's haunting voice and intimate lyrics in Woke Myself Up were made for listening on a warbling old record player on a rainy afternoon in Los Angeles. Her laid back ethereal style is what Sue refers to as "classic maritime."  I thought it perfect for today's weather. Enjoy!

[MP3] Julie Doiron - No More

VIDEO: Julie Doiron - No More