Monday, February 11, 2008

New Music For The Mundays: Summer Darling

Today truly is a Munday. I spent the majority of my weekend in bed or feeling like I should be in bed. I'm weirdly lethargic and not feeling too great so I'm spending yet another day in bed debating whether or not I should drag my butt to a doctor. ugh.

Today's new music picks comes from Summer Darling. I have been meaning to feature the band for weeks. The band just released a new digital ep entitled Health Of Others. Instead of selling CDs or download cards at shows the band has the EP for sale on USB Flash Drive which I think is cool as hell. Download "Barren Womb" - a new track below.

"Health of Others" is now available on iTunes and Emusic.

[MP3] Summer Darling - Barren Womb


Residency Mania continues with The Henry Clay People and The Pity Party. I will be dragging my sick butt out to The Echo because there is no way I'm missing the finale of The Monolators set (no seriously you don't want to miss this) and the opportunity to see The Henry Clay People play nothing but cover songs.

The Pity Party's residency at Spaceland is also hopping TONIGHT with performers The Human Value, Twilight Sleep, and Karin Tatoyan. I'm almost done with my time shifting machine at which point I will be able to attend both residencies at the same time.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

New Music For The Mundays: The Teenagers

The Teenagers take on Japanese cartoons.

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone. I celebrated by being intolerant to the Apple sales clerk who told me my precious engraved iPOD was no longer under warranty. I apologize dude, but seriously that thing had serious sentimental value.

The screen went black this morning and fearing the worst I took it in. Even though I had to replace the hard drive less than four months ago it will still cost me $180 bucks to fix. Thank you Steve Jobs. Thank you for designing my iPOD to fail right after the warranty expires.

At least I can still take it in and recycle it for WHOPPING 10% off. Apple your so in the dog house right now.

I hope you enjoy your observance day everyone. I know a lot of people who still had to work which is massively crappy.

Check out new music below from London/Paris electro project known as The Teenagers. The trio will be invading Southern California this week with two shows starting tomorrow at The Echo with Mezzanine Owls and Funeral Party and Wednesday Jan 23rd for Club NME at Spaceland with Run Run Run. The Teenagers will release their first full length Reality Check on XL Recordings March 18th. Click here for more info.

[MP3] The Teenager - Starlett Johansson


Mezzanine Owls
new track "Snow Globe" was chosen as the Free MP3 of The Day over at AOL's Head over and download the track now. A seven inch of the track will be available Feb 26th on JAXART Records.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Music For The Mundays: Vampire Weekend

Brooklyn's Vampire Weekend - New Album Out 1/28

[MP3] Vampire Weekend - A Punk
[MP3] Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
I was driving to the doctor this morning listening to Indie 103 when Vampire Weekend came on the radio. I realized that I never wrote about the band on Rock Insider! Eastern Conference Champion's CD release show back in July at Silverlake Lounge was held after the Brooklyn based quartet played for pretty much every A&R person in town.

Vampire Weekend' spectral vocals, afro beats, and definite Talking Heads influence almost guarantees them entrance into The "Most Blogged About Music" Hall of Fame. Before you write them off as just another hipster band sure to wind up on a Urban Outfitter's new music sampler I implore you listen to "A Punk." The sunny track is a sure fire indie hit and actually is really flippin' good.

Vampire Weekend
will release their self-titled debut album Jan 28th on XL Recordings. You can pre-order the album over at Amazon. They will be playing The El Rey on March 20th and given the hole mid March in their touring schedule I'm more than certain you'll be able to see the band at this year's SXSW Music Festival in Austin.

VIDEO: Vampire Weekend - A Punk

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Monday, September 24, 2007

New Music For The Mundays: Alberta Cross

London Folk Rock Duo Alberta Cross

[MP3] Alberta Cross - Lucy Rider

I've had a rough morning.  Seriously though, nothing calms me down like the laid back folk rock tunes of Alberta Cross. The duo combine ethereal folk, country, rock, gospel, and blues to create an absolutely stunning sound I'm really digging. These Londoners obviously grew up on a heavy diet of The Band and Leonard Cohen.
Comparisons aside, "Lucy Rider" Is a magnificent track worthy of your eardrums.

Their new mini album The Thief and The Heartbreaker is available in the U.S. now via Geffen Records. Be sure to catch the band live at this years CMJ music festival.

Listen to more tracks in the mini player below:
Feed readers click here to view.


Monday, August 27, 2007

New Music For The Mundays - Jenn Grant

Halifax, Nova Scotia's Jenn Grant

[MP3] Jenn Grant - Dreamer

I am absolutely in love with Jenn Grant's awe-inspiring voice and amazing lyrics. I only discovered the Eastern Canadian songstress this morning and instantly went on an odyssey to find every bit of information I could find about her. I only found a few articles. I simply can't believe more people haven't discovered her. One blog listed her as "Eastern Canada's answer to Feist."  I do see the simalarities between the two but quite honestly Grant's quiet yet assurtive voice is in a class of her own.

Her new album Orchestra For The Moon is one of the strongest collections folk pop I've heard in quite sometime. The tunes are simply gorgeous. I have a feeling it's not going to leave my stereo for quite sometime.

Watch Jenn Grant's video for "Dreamer" below.



Monday, July 30, 2007

New Music For The Mundays: Austin James Band

When "Who's On First" meets Indie Rock: Austin James Band

[MP3] Austin James Band - Underwater

It has been far too long since I've done weekly features on this site. Most notably missing is Rock Insider's "New Music for the Mundays" feature. Thanks to my handy google calendar I'M BRINGING 'EM BACK!!!!

My choice for this Munday: SoCal's own Vaudevillian quartet (+ 1 ) the Austin James Band. This eclectic group of rapscallions reminds me very much of Man Man with hints of The Beach Boys and Queen.

Their debut album, Goes To Austin James Land, is deliciously absurd. Five part harmonies are masterfully mixed with key arrangements straight out of a community melodrama. This collection of songs has the range of a Broadway review. Each track portrays its own unique emotion and tells a story. What I love most about this band is the fact that they have taken your traditional indie rock and made it a production. This satirical view on music is incredibly endearing and send out more than a fair share of feel good vibes.

Goood 'ole Dodgy wrote about this band ages ago [read the post here] . I'm a little ashamed the LA community has been so slow to pick up on this. It always seems like the best new music is hovering just under your nose. I've definitely had east side blinders on for the past few months - long enough to completely overlook this amazing band.

Los Angelenos can catch the Austin James Band at Rock Insider's next installment of Indie Schmindie! August 9th at the Scene Bar in Glendale with Strangers Smile, Divisadero, and Meho Plaza. Admission is only $5!

You can listen to more tracks on the band's Virb Page.


Monday, April 16, 2007

This week in live music

Arright arright. The Jaxer is indisposed, so I'm presenting you with the usual slew of Monday night options in her stead. This whole week is pretty real, so stay sharp.

[JEB PICK] Minor Canon, Pity Party, Volts - Spaceland - 9 PM - FREE
-Black Pine, I Make This Sound, The Moon Upstairs, Luther Russell - Echo - 8:30 PM - FREE
-Wires on Fire, Moonrats, Genghis Kahn, Nudity - Silverlake Lounge - 9 PM - FREE
[JEB PICK] Anavan, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, Clan Of The Cave Bear, Domm, Sea Org - Pehrspace - 9 PM - $5 suggested donation
-The Youngs, Clark 8, Plasticsoul, Devlin Murphy - Mr. T's - 9 PM - FREE
-KXLU presents Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches), Voice on Tape, Angelo Spencer, Black Black, The Rolltop Loys - Knitting Factory (main stage) - 7:30 PM - $7
-Divisible, The Slow Signal Fade, Circus Minor, Northern - Troubadour - 9 PM - FREE

A little sample of the coming week:

-TUESDAY: The Swtich at Scene Bar, Rocky Votolato at Troubadour
-THURSDAY: Now Blog This at Scene Bar, The Autumns at Roxy, Monsters Are Waiting at Orange County Museum of Art
-FRIDAY: Trans Am at Troubadour
SATURDAY: Art Brut at Troubadour (sold out)

I'm sure Jax will chirp up just as soon as she can and post all the shows I forgot. Keep your nose to the grindstone.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Music For The Mundays: Jill Cunniff


[MP3] Jill Cunniff - Lazy Girls

2007 got off to a dark a dreary start but thanks to a resurgence of sunshine pop music is putting me back in line.

One such artist greatly improving my mood these days is Former Luscious Jackson frontwoman Jill Cunniff. Luscious Jackson disbanded in late 2000 so Jill could start a family. Her solo effort, City Beach, is in stores today through The Militia Group. There isn't one negative point on City Beach. Songs like "Happy Warrior" and the freaking adorable "Lazy Girls" have been putting me in a smiley mood amid the stress.

"Lazy Girls" has been getting a lot of play on KCRW. City Beach is a delightfully breezy record. If you need some cheering up I strongly recommend this record.

Los Angeles readers can catch Jill performing live March 29th at The Hotel Cafe.


I must apologize for a typo yesterday. I wrote that Silverchair were playing at the El Rey Theatre - when in fact there show is TODAY.

Silverchair @ El Rey Theare
Johnette Napolitano, Jesca Hoop, Luke Paquin @ Hotel Cafe
Greg Proops Chat Show @ Largo
[JAX PICK] In Waves, Black Pine, Phoenix And The Turtle, Aushua @ Silverlake Lounge
[JAX PICK] Ferraby Lionheart, Willoughby, Cat Hair Ensemble, Marine Herald @ Tangier
Great Glass Elevator, Teaneck, The Bentleys, Tremellow @ Troubadour
Peel, Fish Circus, Taulah Sound Experiment, Nerviosea @ The Viper Room
Roxy Cottontail, Lazaro Casanova @ Safari Sam's
Jesu, Oxbow, Intronaut, Everlovely Lightningheart @ Club Spaceland
Slightly Less Than Nothing, Reagan SS, Vomit Bomb, Ima Fucking Gymnist, Shooting Parks @ The Smell

JAX - The Rock Insider