Monday, August 17, 2009

TONIGHT IN LOS ANGELES: Depeche Mode, Local Natives, The Flaming Lips

[JAX PICK] Depeche Mode, Peter, Bjorn & John @ The Hollywood Bowl - SOLD OUT

I am no longer a Hollywood Bowl virgin. Tonight I will be venturing out to the venue to check out Depeche Mode. The show has been SOLD OUT for months. I'm really excited!

There are plenty of amazing free options tonight worth checking out So guaranteed you'll have something worth doing this evening.

VIDEO: Depeche Mode - WRONG


The Flaming Lips, Ghostland Observatory, Stardeath & White Dwarf @ Greek Theatre

Local Natives, Voxhaul Broadcast @ Spaceland - FREE

Lower Heaven, Miranda Lee Richards, The Meeting Places @ Silverlake Lounge - FREE

The Growlers, Xu Xu Fang @ The Echo - FREE

mans assassination man
@ L'Keg Gallery

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Monday, August 03, 2009

TONIGHT IN LOS ANGELES: Local Natives, Gomez, Lower Heaven, The Growlers

Local Natives (Los Angeles, CA) Photo by Ben Hoste


Local Natives, The Union Line, We Barbarians, The Outline
@ Spaceland - FREE - We featured this show on Friday (Read it here). Local Natives begin their residency TONIGHT at Spaceland. It is more than certainly going to be packed to the gills so get there early or else you're going to have to have in the crazy long line

Lower Heaven, The Street and Babe Shadow, Dissolver, Y @ Silverlake Lounge - Lower Heaven start their residency at the lounge TONIGHT.

The Growlers @ The Echo - I have presented a ton of shows for The Growlers over the years. The long beach based psych rock quartet will be setting up shop at The Echo all month long.

Gomez @ The Wiltern - Gomez return to the Wiltern TONIGHT. The band have a new record out called "A New Tide"

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Local Natives Spaceland Residency Begins Next Monday!

Local Natives (Los Angeles, CA) Photo by Ben Hoste

[MP3] Local Natives - Airplanes

***You can also download "Sun Hands" for free when you sign up for the band's mailing list below!

We here at Rock Insider have been huge fans of Local Natives for - gosh...EVER. Back when the band was still called Cavil At Rest we featured them numerous times and even as far back as 2005 these guys were playing nights we threw at The Key Club (YES, The Key Club).

Local Natives will set up shop at Spaceland every Monday night in August. It's sure to be a sold out, claustrophobic, sweaty good time - if you can get in. The band has been blowing up across the pond - securing a spot on NME's Rader Tour in the UK, opening for Peter, Bjorn & John in Paris, and is rumored to be latching down a record deal over there very soon.

Catch video of their BBC1 Radio Session below and be sure to see them in August!

Aug 3rd, 2009
We Barbarians, The Union Line, and The Outline (21+)

Aug 10th, 2009
w/ Rademacher, Red Cortez, and Swim Party (21+)

Aug 17th, 2009
w/ The Lonely H, Voxhaul Broadcast, and Soko (21+)

Aug 24th, 2009
w/ The Waking Sleep, The Parson Redheads, and Desert Islands (21+)

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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Walkmen Announce West Coast Tour + Robert Francis Residency Begins TONIGHT!

The Walkmen (New York, NY)

Welcome back from the break office drones. I know you're all glued to your desks responding a to a billion e-mails and generally freaking out about the workload you've stepped back in to. It just goes to prove my theory that without the internet the world will surely crumble. What a horrible world that would be indeed.

I'm up to my eyeballs in schtuff so enjoy this brief but tasty bit o' news. The Walkmen are coming back to the west coast! Their latest album You & Me made more than a few top 10 lists at the end of last year.

The band will be playing at The Henry Fonda Theater with Beach House on January 20th. Dates can be found below!

19 - San Diego, Calif. @ Belly Up
20 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Henry Fonda Theater
21 - San Francisco, Calif. @ The Fillmore
23 - Portland, Ore. @ Wonder Ballroom
24 - Seattle, Wash. @ Neumos

- plus -


Robert Francis kicks off his Echo Residency with a special performance from Pete Yorn! Andrew from Radars To The Sky, Seasons, and Boll Weevil will also perform. Set times are listed below!!

1822 W Sunset Blvd.

Jan 5th Set Times
9pm Andrew From Radars to the Sky
10pm Seasons
11pm Robert Francis w/ Pete Yorn sitting in
12am Boll Weevil

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Monolators Residency Finale At Pehrspace TONIGHT! FREE PRETZELS!

Not The Monolators - but DAMN look at that suit.

It's sad to state that all good thing must inevitably come to an end. TONIGHT will be the grand finale of The Monolators month-long residency at Pehrspace - AND WE'RE GOING OUT IN STYLE. We've played songs from the first 2 records and EPs and TONIGHT It's all about Don't Dance and yes - THE UNVEILING of a new song "Hot Sleigh." The track can be purchased as part of Confessions Of A Would Be Hipsters Plastic Snow compilation. Get it for 10 bucks over on their site. All albums sales go to benefit the Midnight Mission. Awesome music for a good cause!

Tonight's theme is "Prom." I encourage all of you to bring your finest digs - so bust out that old prom dress that's collecting dust in your back closet. We will also be serving refreshments of what else "FREE HOMEMADE PRETZELS!!!"

Icy Demons will not be performing tonight but we are so privileged to have the lovely miss Ema and her Ghosts, Milton Melvin Croissant, Dugout Canoe, Kevin Shields, and Cristina's Puppet Show delighting the audience tonight!

Hope to see you there. It will certainly be a night to remember!

[MP3] The Monolators - Don't Dance

Sean Carnage presents…

Monday, November 24th
The Monolators
Milton Melvin Croissant
Dugout Canoe (from Denver)
Kevin Shields
Ema & the Ghosts
Cristina’s Puppet Show

Show starts 9:30pm / all-ages / $5

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Echo Park


Hi everyone!

There's so much to tell you all today that I'm sure I'm going to forget something--but, in a nutshell: tonight is the last night of our wonderful, beloved residency with Sean Carnage at Pehrspace, and this week's theme is, of course, prom! Did you know that "prom" is short for "promenade?" Well, it is!

Specifically it is the Winter Wonderland Formal Dance, and, as such, formal attire is requested (but we won't turn you away if you don't comply, you NON-COMPLIERS). It's $5 and all ages! We go on at midnight, but there are lots of other wonderful bands/activities tonight! Such as:

Milton Melvin Croissant
Dugout Canoe (from Denver)
Kevin Shields
Ema & the Ghosts
Cristina’s Puppet Show (yes, we did say PUPPET SHOW.)

And there's more! We have special corsage wristbands for the first 70 prom-goers...we have, as promised, HOMEMADE PRETZELS, and you all know what that means...and we also have the final installment of our homemade retrospective comps for sale. This time we're selling all four weeks' worth of music packaged together in one pop for fifteen bucks. LET ME REPEAT: this is almost our entire recorded output, plus extra stuff we never released, for fifteen clams!

And also as promised, we will have a slow dance jam for you all, a cover song that will also serve as our Song Of The Month for November. Shall we see you tonight?

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Monolators Residency Madness Continues TONIGHT!

The Monolators (Los Angeles, CA) Photo By Sean Carnage

The Monolators Residency at pehrspace presented by Sean Carnage continues this week with performances from Billygoat, The Health Club, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and 60 Watt Kid. Last week good friend and mascot Cupcake The Bear stopped by to boogie down with the crew and managed to lose his diaper. This week more great things are in store!

Check out an in depth interview + two exclusive live tracks from last weeks show over at Web In Front [READ INTERVIEW]

Mouse has a recap of last week's show over at Classical Geek Theatre [READ REVIEW]

Sean Carnage
has photos and insight on his blog [VIEW PHOTOS]

Monday, November 10th
Sean Carnage presents…

The Monolators
60 Watt Kid
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Billy Goat
Health Club

Starts 9:30pm / all-ages / $5

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Echo Park

[MP3] The Monolators - I Was A Captain In The Army

VIDEO: The Monolators - Strawberry Roan

From Eli's Blog -
Feed Us A Live Insect

Week Two: Rejection Inevitably Followed by Tears (2005-2006)

For our second week we examine the remainder of the Rejection strata and the metamorphosis of the trio format into a simple duo, resulting (among other things) in the document entitled Our Tears Have Wings. Whereas live performances of this epoch were strictly confined to drums and guitar, the historically-correct studio presence of von Bogdon is once again represented by the Marquis himself in live setting, and the gracious, post-contemporaneous contributions of Sir Dennis and Dr. Jex are faithfully depicted.

Of especial note is the aesthetic preference of the age for artifacts of outer space exploration, and the resulting (and uncharacteristically lengthy) dirge “Let’s Be Best Friends In Space” will be unearthed, although sadly without the accompaniment of a 350-member children’s choir as originally intended. The ensemble is also pleased to present the spirited holiday ode “Santa Claus Versus Dave Matthews.”

This week’s featured symposia:
60watt kid
Health club
Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Monolators Residency Begins TONIGHT! Pehrspace! Be There!

It's finally here! The Monolators will be celebrating night one of their residency at pehrspace presented by the amazing Mr. Sean Carnage TONIGHT!

Tonight we will be joined by good friends Pizza! Creekbird, Zombelle, and Kyle H Mabson. It's ALL AGES, admission is a $5 donation, and as always it's bring your own booze.

Starts at 9:30 SHARP!

[MP3] The Monolators - Tiny Bicycles
[MP3] Pizza! - To Be A Man

VIDEO - The Monolators - Take It Outside

Message from Eli via his Feed Us A Live Insect Blog

Nestled somewhere 'twixt the Mezotonic Era, when spiders of terrible size and ferocity roamed the earth and carved out ocean bed and mountain range alike with their fiery breath, and the Present Time, wherein men and ladies of Science discovered the Secret of Electricity and the extra month after Christmas, lies the Age of the Monolator–when frail, sickly fops of terrible size and ferocity roamed the earth and carved out ocean bed and mountain range alike with their fiery breath. In this new, weekly exhibition, we attempt to uncover the true history of this little-known age, and reveal the civilizations and appurtenances that flourished therein.

Most scholars, barring a rogue and fanatic few, divide the chronology of the Monolators into four distinct dynasties, or epochs. We commence, therefore, at the beginning, and note that all dates, places, and musical depictions are strictly approximate.

Week One: Prehistory and Rejection (representing the years 2002-2004)

In this first exhibition, we review the dawn of the Era and the musical detritus remaining thereof. In this earliest incarnation the Monolators took a tri-fold form, with a standard drum and bass configuration (originally represented by Dr. Mary Chartkoff and her menial day laborer Eli respectively) augmented by the presence of an electric guitar, originally in the hands of the esteemed Sir Michael Dennis, whose performance tonight represents his first stage appearance in several years. [Editor's note: Although not technically correct in historical terms, for the purposes of enhanced fidelity we gladly note the presence of Dr. Ashley Jex and the Marquis Thomas von Bogdon on bass and electric guitar respectively. Dr. Mary will oversee the percussion ensemble while Eli will provide additional guitar chores and light caterwauling.] The major work of the period, Rejection Set Me Free, is broached, preceded by two minor compositions of slightly earlier vintage, the now almost totally obscure "Spandex Hitman" and "In My Dreams."

Also of note for the week is the unique recreation of the popular hymn, "Take It Outside," along with its beloved mascot, Cupcake The Bear. Cupcake will make a special appearance to assist in the celebration of birthday festivities for the Curator, Dr. Carnage. Light refreshments will be served.

This week's featured symposia:

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Charlie Wadhams - In A Goldmine EP

Charlie Wadhams (Los Angeles, CA)

Charlie Wadhams new EP In A Goldmine could be the perfect album for the month of November. His smooth voice resembles the bliss and charisma of falling leaves. It's no wonder heavyweights like Inara George, Mike Andrews, and Eleni Mandell are listed among fans.

Somber yet hope-filled in tone on Goldmine Wadhams oozes so much class there is not one doubt in my mind you'll want to listen to it again and again.

The first track on the EP "Someone To Kiss" is one of the most achingly beautiful tracks I've heard in the longest time. Download it below.

[MP3] Charlie Wadhams - Someone To Kiss

Be sure to catch Charlie Wadhams at his residency at Tangier every Sunday during the month of November.

TANGIER is located at 2138 Hillhurst Ave
(just south of Los Feliz Blvd) in Los Feliz 90027
tickets available at the door $7
Charlie Wadhams plays around 11pm each night

Charlie Wadhams
Every Sunday In November
at Tangier
2138 Hillhurst Ave
$7 | 21 Yrs +

Nov. 2nd
w/ Patrick Park, The Shivers (NYC)

Nov. 9th

Nov. 16th
w/Marvin Etzioni, Michael Mangia

Nov. 23rd
w/the Happy Stars, Anglos

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rademacher ERA EP Available TODAY on JAXART Records!

Rademacher's new ERA EP is available everywhere TODAY on JAXART Records! Pick up the album oon iTUNES and eMUSIC now!!



1. If U Know
2. Believer
3. Need Nobody

Also don't forget, Rademacher's Residency at The Echo begins NEXT Monday, October 6th, with Light FM, Radars To the Sky, and The Broken Remotes performing. Full residency schedule is below! Hope to see you out and about!

Rademacher Residency
Every Monday In October at The Echo

Oct. 6th w/ Light FM, Radars To The Sky, The Broken Remotes
Oct 13th w/ Eagle and Talon, The Transmissions, TBA
Oct 20th w/ Death To Anders, Le Switch, TBA
Oct 27th w/ Earlimart, The Western States Motel, TBA

The Echo: 1822 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Introducing...Jail Weddings

Jail Weddings (Los Angeles, CA)

I have to say I hadn't heard much about Jail Weddings before the band set up shop at The Echo this month for their Monday Night Free Residency. One things for sure - when I heard their music I was instantly starstruck.

It's so refreshing to find a truly original band in Los Angeles. The 10 piece project play a blend of vintage pop, 60s surf, doo-wop, and old timey tunes that completely bring you out of yourself and into simpler times. At the same time their tunes display a bit of edge and rock n' roll glam very reminiscent of the punk heyday with bands like The Cramps and The Screamers leading the charge. There's something almost defiant about the sound - which I find soooo incredible appealing.

You can pick up Jail Weddings 7" Vinyl Single (Y'all KNOW how much I stinkin' love vinyl)  at shows or online at

Also head over to and read a detailed interview with the band and download their Residency Mixtape. The mix has everything from John Coltrane to the Screamers. Pretty bad ass.

The lineup for next week's residency night at The Echo is especially stellar with The Moon Upstairs, Thee Makeout Party, and Weave! all performing.

[MP3] Jail Weddings - Somebody Lonely

VIDEO: Jail Weddings * The Impossible*

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Night Residency Round-Up: Afternoons, Rumspringa, Spider Problem

Spider Problem TONIGHT at Silverlake Lounge

Happy June Everyone!

New Monday night residencies start TONIGHT with local super group Afternoons at Spaceland, genre bending psychadelic outfit Rumspringa at The Echo, and my personal favorite - the high energy absolutely fucking crazy Spider Problem at Silverlake Lounge. All three bands have been hovering under the radar for the past few months. If you haven't had the opportunity to see them yet you ABSOLUTELY should check each and everyone of them out.

Tonight I'll be headed out to see Spider Problem who will be playing with Kandice, Pizza! and Tuscon, AZ's The Fuckin Kennies who I featured in a post on Saturday.

recently announced they will be releasing yet another FREE EP entitled Bound By A Love on their website sometime next week. They've also debuted a new track off the EP on their myspace page. "Be A Man" is a beautiful low-fi slow builder.

You can also catch them Thursday  June 26th at Hell Ya! at The Echo with The Movies, The Savages, and The Voyeurs. Click here for details and be sure to save the date!

[MP3] The Fuckin Kennies - Yahhhhh vs Pampers
[MP3] Pizza! - Be A Man
[MP3] Rumspringa - Shake 'Em Loose Tonight
[MP3] Afternoons - Say Yes
[MP3] The Movies - Missed Opportunities
[MP3] The Savages - I Want To Be Evil
[MP3] The Voyeurs - Sunny Afternoon

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Residency Madness Continues...You Should Go Check Out NapTunes

Mezzanine Owls Every Monday In May At Spaceland. FREE!

Tonight Mezzanine Owls Residency at Spaceland continues - This time with The Henry Clay People, Lovelikefire, and Eli Paperboy Reed all performing. I have been looking forward to this lineup ALL MONTH. Believe it or not this is the first time The Henry Clays and Mezzanine Owls have shared a bill together. Should be a stupendous show!

Andy Siara of The Henry Clay People at The Echo 5.12.08

Benjamin Hoste took some fantastic photos of the Clays last week at The Echo which you can view right here. If you feel like show hopping or happen to be at the Echo for Le Switch and I Make This Sound you should really really really stick around to see NapTunes - Joe from Le Switch's lil side project.

They don't play that often. Joe's voice is very reminiscent of John Lennon and the tunes are really classic. Take a listen to an MP3 below :)

[MP3] NapTunes - Beat Around The Bush

[MP3] Mezzanine Owls - Snow Globe
[Buy The Seven Inch Single/Digital EP]

[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Somewhere On The Golden Coast
[Buy The Seven Inch Single]

[MP3] Lovelikefire - From A Tower

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Henry Clays and Mezzanine Owls Duke It Out...

Ok Ok They're not ACTUALLY going to duke it out..

BUT If you're out and about in Silverlake/Echo Park TONIGHT be sure to check out two JAXART bands who will be playing FREE Shows TONIGHT.

Photo by Amateur Chemist

First up, The Henry Clay People will be performing at Le Switch's Residency at The Echo. Division Day and Princeton will also be performing.

[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Andy Sings!

photo by la-underground

Then head over to Spaceland for Mezzanine Owls' Residency with support from Eagle and Talon, We Barbarians, and The Black Kites.

[MP3] Mezzanine Owls - Snow Globe

Both shows are totally FREE.

The Henry Clay People and Mezzanine Owls 7" Vinyl Singles can be purchased in our JAXART store for just $7 or purchased at shows for only $5. Free shipping on all store items!

PS. You can see BOTH BANDS on the same stage next Monday May 19th at Spaceland for FREE.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photos: Airborne Toxic Event, Rademacher @ The Echo

The Airborne Toxic Event @ The Echo (4/21/08) All Photos by Benjamin Hoste

If you stayed in last night you missed out on two absolutely amazing shows in Echo Park. First off, The Airborne Toxic Event played a secret show as part of Radars To The Sky's Monday night residency. Fresno indie rockers Rademacher, and You Me And Iowa also played. Secondly, The Monolators celebrated singer Eli's birthday at pehrspace with my new favorite band Battlehooch (photos and info on that show a lil' bit later).

The Airborne Toxic Event were celebrating their recent signing to Majordomo Records - a new indie imprint with distribution through Sony BMG that is also home to Earlimart. Big things on the horizon for the Airborne crew who will make their first national TV appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly this coming Thursday. Be sure to tune in!

[MP3] The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On?
[MP3] Rademacher - You Got Some Magic



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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Radars To The Sky + The Henry Clay People @ The Echo (4/14/08)

Radars To The Sky At The Echo (4/14/08). All Photos By JAX

Last night I ventured out to see Radars To The Sky and The Henry Clay People at The Echo. Radars To The Sky are doing the Monday night residency at the venue all month long.

I was a little tired from a long day of running around ragged but suddenly got a second wind when The Henry Clay People hit the stage. The band invited several friends to come up and play with them throughout their set including a rawkus finale of their song "Children of Chin" that ended with singer Joey Siara leading the entire audience in classic rock jumps. I counted over 8 in total. Check out video of the rock jumps posted below.

Radars To The Sky delighted the audience with their special blend of spirited rock n roll. What I love about going to see Radars To The Sky is the audience usually consists of 80% musicians a spattering of music writers and photographers. They really make it feel like a family affair every time they play. I had to leave before their last song (needed to get to bed) but snapped some fantastic pictures of the band before leaving. You can view photos below. Be sure to catch Radars at least one Monday this month!

WATCH VIDEO: The Henry Clay People - Children Of Chin (Live)

The Henry Clay People - Children Of Chin (Live) from Rock Insider on Vimeo.

[View More Photos]
click on image to enlarge

The Henry Clay People

Radars To The Sky

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Photos: Radars To The Sky Echo Residency

Radars To The Sky @ The Echo (4/7/08). Photo by Benjamin Hoste for Rock Insider

I'm trying to salvage my voice and stayed in last night. It was fabulous. I took a heavy dose of benadryl and was out like a light bulb by 9 o'clock. You probably won't be seeing this Rock Insider out and about for a lil bit. I need to rehab my body and get back my true show worthy stamina.

Good thing my pal Benjamin Hoste was out in full effect last night. He nabbed some fantastic photos of Radars To The Sky at their residency last night. View Photos below!

[View Entire Photo Set]

Click Photos To Enlarge

LA Record posted a video from Mess With Texas at SXSW by the fabulous videothing (seriously bookmark his site now). Go and watch it. [WATCH VIDEO]

Marion at Squaregirls posted a fabulous review of Friday's school bus party in Echo Park with Spider Problem (see photos here) Mad River Glenn , and Mr. Free & the Satellite Freakout. [READ REVIEW] Shayne from Spider Problem also give her play by play on the band's myspace blog.

Mouse at Classical Geek Theatre has a lengthy review loaded with TONS of stellar photos and video from Sunday's Spaceland show with Rademacher, Le Switch, Tigers Can Bite You, and El Olio Wolof. Sunday's cover of "Walk Like An Egyptian" kind of sealed the deal on how much I fucking love Le Switch. It was on track to be the best cover of the year until Rademacher busted out their rendition of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston later in the evening. IT....WAS.....AWESOME.  I think even Le Switch would bow down to how bad ass it was. [READ REVIEW]

Both Radio Free Silverlake & You Set The Scene have local concert calendar listings up for your late night show hopping needs. Read here and here.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Video: Psycho Killer - Henry Clay People + Eli (Monolators) Cover

The Henry Clay People and friends bring the house down.  Photo by CGT

I missed The Henry Clay People's Residency last week due to illness. I caught three songs this week before having to race back to Spaceland for The Pity Party. Man the residencies this month have me running around ragged! Mouse at Classical Geek Theatre has a great review of last night's HCP show up with photos and video [READ POST].

Thank GOD Dear LA posted this video from last week up on myspace. You absolutely must check out Eli from The Monolators covering "Psycho Killer" with The Henry Clay People. It's exquisite.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Eli and HCP cover "Psycho Killer" @ The Echo 02/11/08

Eli and HCP cover "Psycho Killer" @ The Echo 02/11/08

Add to My Profile | More Videos

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Introducing The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground Every Wednesday In Feb. At Silverlake Lounge

Allow me to introduce you to the unsung garage soul troubadours known as The Weather Underground. The Los Angeles based foursome are currently working on a new EP and will be setting up shop at the Silverlake Lounge every Wednesday in February. Check out my preview of the show over at the new and improved [READ PREVIEW]

Their residency continues tonight as the band are joined by A for Attack, From Leaf to Feather, and the not to be missed Free Moral Agents featuring Isiah Ikey Owens from The Mars Volta. I'm still sick so I will not be attending the show - but if your up for some homespun folk rock n' soul and psychedelic prog punk you should definitely head out tonight. Download two MP3s and watch the band perform "Neal Cassady" on Fuel TV below.

[MP3] The Weather Underground - Neal Cassady
[MP3] The Weather Underground - How Many Operations (HMO)

WATCH VIDEO: The Weather Underground - Neal Cassady (Live On Fuel TV)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Henry Clay People Residency Review

The Henry Clay People Bring The House Down at The Echo Last Night (Photo by CGT)

So you know that show last night at The Echo that I was HELL BENT on not missing due to illness. Well guess what, I MISSED IT.

Flu bug took over and I could not even crawl to my bathroom let alone out the front door with enough stamina to make it through the end of the night.

Thankfully Mouse over at Classical Geek Theatre has a HUUUUGE post about the merriment that went down last night. The Henry Clay People played an entire set of cover songs with the help of more than a few friends including Miss Sarah Negahdari of The Happy Hollows, Eli Chartkoff of The Monolators, as well as members of The Natural Disasters, The Sweet Hurt, The Transmissions, and Service Group

I missed quite a night and Im bummed beyond bummed-ness. Hopefully some youtube videos of the evening will find their way online...Nudge nudge wink wink

[Read The Post Here]


Monday, February 11, 2008

New Music For The Mundays: Summer Darling

Today truly is a Munday. I spent the majority of my weekend in bed or feeling like I should be in bed. I'm weirdly lethargic and not feeling too great so I'm spending yet another day in bed debating whether or not I should drag my butt to a doctor. ugh.

Today's new music picks comes from Summer Darling. I have been meaning to feature the band for weeks. The band just released a new digital ep entitled Health Of Others. Instead of selling CDs or download cards at shows the band has the EP for sale on USB Flash Drive which I think is cool as hell. Download "Barren Womb" - a new track below.

"Health of Others" is now available on iTunes and Emusic.

[MP3] Summer Darling - Barren Womb


Residency Mania continues with The Henry Clay People and The Pity Party. I will be dragging my sick butt out to The Echo because there is no way I'm missing the finale of The Monolators set (no seriously you don't want to miss this) and the opportunity to see The Henry Clay People play nothing but cover songs.

The Pity Party's residency at Spaceland is also hopping TONIGHT with performers The Human Value, Twilight Sleep, and Karin Tatoyan. I'm almost done with my time shifting machine at which point I will be able to attend both residencies at the same time.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Clash of The Monday Night Residencies

The Pity Party play TONIGHT at Spaceland while The Henry Clays rock The Echo. photo by Tim Norris

STREAM: The Pity Party - Love Lies
STREAM: The Henry Clay People - Working Part Time

February residencies kick off all over Los Angeles this week. This month's lineup puts me in a serious double bind. Both The Pity Party and The Henry Clay People - two of my favorite bands, will be doing Free monday night residencies. The Pity Party at Spaceland and The Henry Clay People at The Echo.

I will be selling merch for The Pity Party TONIGHT at Spaceland. I'm going to alternate weeks so I can see at least 2/4 shows for each band. Both The Henry Clay Peoples and The Pity Party have new EPs for sale at their residencies only. Come to the merch booth and say hi!

The Henry Clay People To Release New Seven Inch In March.


Image of PRE-ORDER - The Henry Clay People - JAXART Records (Rock Insider's lil label) will be releasing a 7 inch vinyl  single of "Working Part Time" by The Henry Clay People in March. The limited edition vinyl single will include an exclusive b-side "Echolocation" which you cant find anywhere else and a download card to download MP3s of the release.

The "Working Part Time"  7 inch is up for pre-order in the JAXART Store alongside Mezzanine Owls anticipated new seven inch + digital ep which will be available Feb 26th. ALL ITEMS INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS!!!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Henry Clay People Every Monday In February at The Echo!

The Henry Clay People - Not To Be Missed.

Man I have had absolutely ZERO time to get a post done today. Ill throw one up later tonight. Hopefully...

In the meantime head over to The Henry Clay People's Myspace Page and listen to FOUR tracks off their new Working Part Time EP which will be available at their Monday night residency at The Echo which starts next week! Lineup and dates below!

[MP3] The Henry Clay People - Andy Sings!



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Henry Clay People - New Music + Residency!

[STREAM] The Henry Clay People - Somewhere On the Golden Coast
[STREAM] The Henry Clay People - Andy Sings!

I have a feeling this year is going to be a big one for Los Angeles' The Henry Clay People. The band will be doing the Monday night residency at The Echo next month and will be releasing a 5 song EP to go along with it. They  also have plans to release another full length in the next few months.

The Henry Clay People posted two songs from the new EP "Somewhere on the Golden Coast" and "Andy Sings!" on their myspace page. Seriously, The new songs are soo damn good. The Henry Clays have always played an "Intelligent Kind Of Rock N' Roll" but really have outdone themselves with these wicked new tracks that are expose a tremendous amount of heart while still kicking in your teeth. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Another Night Near The Reservoir

New Mezzanine Owls Track "Snow Globe"

[Stream] Mezzanine Owls - Snow Globe

So lemme give you the play by play of last night:

Went to Spaceland for The Parson Red Heads, Mezzanine Owls, Light FM, and Everest. It was so packed in there you couldn't even move. There was a line of people outside waiting to get in. The only residency I remember seeing that at was The Bronx over a year ago.

Everest packed the place early - mostly Warner Music Group employees and the usual suspects in the Silverlake scene. I thought their songs we fantastic and can totally see why Vapor Records signed them.

The decibel level was raised exponentially as Mezzanine Owls hit the stage playing a fantastic set. I stood front row center because that seemed to be the ONLY place in the club that wasn't a sardine party. I was later told by two of the Owls separately that I looked "MAD" when I was watching them. I apparently scowl when I'm watching bands play. Photo buffs: If You see me watching a band at a show please snap a pic so I can prove this theory wrong. Mezzanine Owls just posted a new song "Snow Globe" on their myspace page. If you missed them last night  you can catch them Jan 22nd with The Teenagers at The Echo.

The Parson Red Heads were great and started a dance party after Light FM played at midnight. Light FM have gotten really good in the year its been since I've seen them. Check out their myspace page for tunes

Sightings and Run Ins: LA Delta Blog Force - LA-Underground, You Set The Scene, Surfing On Steam and Buzz Bands all were in attendance. Mary Monolator was there to support. Members of Division DayThe Flying Tourbillon Orchestra The Transmissions, and Airborne Toxic Event hung out at chatted.


Engadget- The new Macbook Air has one major design flaw: No user replaceable battery. That just deflated my desire to actually buy one. Good move Jobs. [Read More]

Songbeat - For die hard MP3 Bloggers and fans of free shit. Songbeat is a new desktop application that allows you to search the web for MP3s. Using their app you can stream MP3s, and even download them. How do they get around this legally? Find out here

Billboard - Is the world ready for A Coachella in New York's Liberty Park? [Read More]

Birdmonster - Finally bloggin' again. Find out what the band have been up to the past few months. [Read More]

Hell Ya! - My partner in crime. Heather dishes on her absolute favorite bands that got dawged by music execs. [Read More]

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Amazing Show Tonight At Spaceland

[MP3] The Parson Red Heads - Crowds
[MP3] Mezzanine Owls - Lightbulb
[MP3] Everest - Into Your Soft Hands

The Parson Red Heads are midway through their Monday Night Residency at Spaceland and are getting love from a handful noteworthy blogs. The Red Heads sounded fantastic on KCRW's Morning Becomes Ecclectic last Friday. You can listen to their performance from KCRW right here.

Tonight's residency will include performances from Everest and Mezzanine Owls - both of which have new album's due out this year that are bound to cause a stir.

Everest announced their signing to Vapor Records (Neil Young's label) last week and will be releasing their debut full length this year. The band have only been playing shows for a few months but all the members are seasoned Silverlake performers. I have a feeling the band will face heavy comparison to Spoon. Before you judge listen to "Into Your Soft Hands" for a unique soul-filled blend of folk-rock.
Also see: LAist - Big on '08.

Mezzanine Owls will be playing new songs off their upcoming 4 song digital release tonight. The self-titled offering will accompany a limited edition seven inch single for their new track "Snow Globe." Both releases will be available Feb 18th on JAXART Records. Surfing on Steam gave them a glowing recommendation in a preview for tonight's show (link). The band also plan to head out to Austin this year for SXSW.

The Parson Red Heads - 11pm Everest - 9pm Mezzanine Owls - 10pm Light FM - 12 am

Also Tonight:

British Singer/Songwriter Kate Nash

[MP3] Kate Nash - Mariella
[MP3] Kate Nash - We Get On

Adorable British born indie pop star Kate Nash will be playing a SOLD OUT Show tonight at the Troubadour. A lot of people have been comparing her to Lily Allen but if you ask me the two are worlds apart. Kate's new album Made of Bricks is loaded with delightful indie pop piano ballads which evoke Regina Spektor more than anything else.

Made of Bricks is finally available in the US definitely worth picking up. [BUY IT NOW]

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Free Monday Night Residencies for September

The Echo - The Happy Hollows

[MP3] The Happy Hollows - Monster Room

I DJed at The Happy Hollows show last night with The Henry Clay People, The Soft Hands, and The Billionaires . The lineup was simply stellar. The Soft Hands and The Billionaires though relatively unknown were flippin' fantastic. you should look into them ASAP.

The Happy Hollows certainly did not disappoint and put on a crazy good show despite the sweltering heat. Download the new track "Monster Room" above. The track is off a 4 song EP you can only buy during their residency.


Silverlake Lounge - The Valley Arena

[MP3] The Valley Arena - Kick At The Ceiling

Everyone knows how much I love The Valley Arena. If you haven't seen the band live yet (what's keepin' you?) here's your chance. The band will be playing every Monday at Silverlake Lounge completely free of charge. Next week will be their 7" release party for their single "Kick At The Ceiling" which is coming out via JAXart.


Spaceland - Gram Rabbit

[MP3] Gram Rabbit - Dark Horse

Detroit Bar In Costa Mesa - Mighty Six Ninety & Blue Wales

[MP3] Might Six Ninety - Mistakes Like These


Monday, July 16, 2007


Eskimohunter, Minutes Til Midnight, Chrisopher Blue @ Club Spaceland

Spoon, John Vanderslice @ Little Radio

The Happy Hollows, Thailand, Hearts of Palm U.K., Good on Paper @ The Viper Room

Light FM, Tigers Can Bite You, Yes Me To Death, Versa Vice @ Silverlake Lounge - FREE

Ferraby Lionheart, Frankling For Short, Karabal Nightlife, The Spires @ Tangier

5 O'Clock Somewhere, Morris Temper, The Gentlemen Callers @ The Echo


Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Chrisopher Blue LA mini residency

One Chrisopher Blue ordered up to send you into audio dreamland over three venue this weekend. Mr. Blue has started up his small west coast tour and will be landing in LA starting tomorrow. If you've heard anything from this deep ex-Kansas penal system habitant you'll know that his shows are packed with reality and life experience. He's played with a whole slew of people including one Duff McKagan (Ten Minute Warning). The Seattle Weekly remarked: "Mix equal parts of Syd Barrett, Mark Lanegan, and William Burroughs, and you'll get a whiff of what to expect from Mr. Blue." What's great is that he's playing at three different venues to satisfy the need for more Blue in LA!

Jul 14 2007 Room 5
Jul 15 2007 Tangier
Jul 16 2007 Spaceland (opening for Eskimohunter!)

Chrisopher Blue - "Good Time" (live on KEXP radio Seattle) mp3

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Monday, July 02, 2007

It's So Unbelievably Hot...

I apologize profusely to anyone who has tried getting in touch with me the last two days. My wonderfully retarded cell phone doesn't know how to hold a charge. At first it was cute and kind of endearing. Then the weekend's of complete silence and "we thought you were dead" statements began. Now I realize that cute and fluffy cell phone is actually a giant two headed monster. GOOOOODNESSS.

Onward to the Local News:

Recently featured Orange County electro duo PRS HLTN, MTHRFCKRS have broken up. Their last show will be this Friday, July 6th at The Clinic in Santa Ana. Sad. They stole the show at Hell Ya! last month. No word yet on how Nicole Richie feels about the breakup.

Foreign Born and Great Northern will be playing a FREE SHOW this Thursday at the Hammer Museum. Its outdoors in the court yard and part of Indie 103's summer concert series. I saw Silversun Pickups there last year. AMAZING.

Rock Insider will be presenting Facing New York and The Valley Arena at the Troubadour THE SAME NIGHT. We're days away from patenting a time warp that will allow us to be in two places at once, but we think it's highly possible we will miss this show. If you have a camera and want to take pics. feel free to send us some! email

And finally Eskimohunter's NOT-TO-BE-MISSED Residency at Spaceland begins TONIGHT with friends Gran Ronde and Oakland based indie-psych rockers Triangle. Admission is 21 Yrs + and TOTALLY FREE. You might remember we featured the band's first show back at Little Radio just over a year ago. View pictures of the show here.

I need an air conditioner....See you out and about TONIGHT.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

The beginning of the Summertime Residencies in LA

Eskimohunter...a lovely shade of cocaine white

This summer promises to be a hot one already and inside the Eastside hot spots promises to be no different with a trio of stellar residencies happening starting this Monday and happens every Monday through July. Up first is Eskimohunter at Spaceland, who continues to draw bigger and better crowds every time Jason 71 decides to treat us to a presentation.

Eskimohunter - Surfing At 32F (mp3)

Next up at The Silverlake Lounge is Light FM. If you haven't caught these guys yet please do so as I think you'll agree that they put on great live show. They played for us in January and killed it.

As Monty Python would say "And now for something completely different". At the Echo we have 5 O'Clock Somewhere laying it down. One word "country". Three words..."country done right". Get your drink on and enjoy the rare country stylings they have to offer. I'll actually make it out to one of these by the way they sound in there video. Sounds like a fun way to defeat the "going back to work Mundays."

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This just in via our cohort in online arms, Kevin Bronson at Los Angeles Times.

The artist that was, is and will be always known as Prince will be performing a residency at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood starting this Saturday night! Tickets for people like us (in other words people who don't make at least $3,000 a day) will be a small fee of $312.10. Details on where to score the tix at the bottom of the post.. If anyone out there would love to bless us with a ticket, we can be friends...for life. Oh and I'll buy you dinner too.

Go to Kevin's page to get the full details of the press release.

UPDATE: For ticket and VIP package requests, email:

Phone information line: (323) 769-7275.

Photo of Prince by Richard Hartog / LAT

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dan Deacon and The Cobra Snake Could Be Twins

Dan Deacon Is A Mad Man

[MP3] Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

OK. Time Out. WAYYYYYYY TOO MUCH Teenie Bopper action happening on RI today. I have to mix it up.

At first site I thought Baltimore electronica artist Dan Deacon was The Cobra Snake. Seriously, THEY COULD BE TWINS. I listened to his insane music on myspace for about an hour straight. My head is still spinning. Dan uses a vast array of Casio keyboards and weird electronic devices to create his man-made symphony. Add a super charged live show, pair of ironic glasses, and plenty of day glow and you have a sure fire recipe for destruction (note the photo of Dan in an arm cast while rocking out in the mosh pit above. Duder is NUTS).

GorillavsBear caught his insane live show in Dallas and announced on his blog that he's converted. Los Angeles reader's can have their minds blown in person as Dan performs TONIGHT at Pehrspace with Juiceboxxx, Health, Video Hippos, and Knight Rider.

Something tells this blogger she better get her butt out to Pehrspace tonight less she be kicking herself tomorrow. After all admission is only 5 flippin' bucks.

Watch Dan Deacon's pretty much homemade video for "The Crystal Cat" right here.

Do You Wanna Hear Some Juiceboxxx?

[MP3] Juiceboxxx - Do You Want To Hear It?

If you don't catch Milwaukee's fabled white boy rapper Juiceboxxx tonight he will also be playing Heather's Hell Ya! this Wednesday. As always the Hell Ya! DeeJays will be manning the decks spinning the best new indie rock.

Juiceboxxx is pretty much a party in a plastic carton worthy of a listen mid-mindless work day. Download "Do You Want To Hear It" and start a dance party with Charlie from Accounts Payable.



Thailand at Silverlake Lounge

The Deadly Syndrome at Spaceland

Burning Brides @ The Echo

Strangers Smile, The Shys, Majesty @ The Viper Room


Monday, April 16, 2007

This week in live music

Arright arright. The Jaxer is indisposed, so I'm presenting you with the usual slew of Monday night options in her stead. This whole week is pretty real, so stay sharp.

[JEB PICK] Minor Canon, Pity Party, Volts - Spaceland - 9 PM - FREE
-Black Pine, I Make This Sound, The Moon Upstairs, Luther Russell - Echo - 8:30 PM - FREE
-Wires on Fire, Moonrats, Genghis Kahn, Nudity - Silverlake Lounge - 9 PM - FREE
[JEB PICK] Anavan, This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, Clan Of The Cave Bear, Domm, Sea Org - Pehrspace - 9 PM - $5 suggested donation
-The Youngs, Clark 8, Plasticsoul, Devlin Murphy - Mr. T's - 9 PM - FREE
-KXLU presents Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches), Voice on Tape, Angelo Spencer, Black Black, The Rolltop Loys - Knitting Factory (main stage) - 7:30 PM - $7
-Divisible, The Slow Signal Fade, Circus Minor, Northern - Troubadour - 9 PM - FREE

A little sample of the coming week:

-TUESDAY: The Swtich at Scene Bar, Rocky Votolato at Troubadour
-THURSDAY: Now Blog This at Scene Bar, The Autumns at Roxy, Monsters Are Waiting at Orange County Museum of Art
-FRIDAY: Trans Am at Troubadour
SATURDAY: Art Brut at Troubadour (sold out)

I'm sure Jax will chirp up just as soon as she can and post all the shows I forgot. Keep your nose to the grindstone.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Minor Canon Every Monday In April At Club Spaceland

The Minor Canon Every Monday In April At Spaceland

[MP3] The Minor Canon - It Never Was

It is NO SECRET that over here at Camp Rock Insider we absolutely adore Paul Larson and all the men of The Minor Canon. The seven piece rock/pop outfit positively ooze Memphis soul. Listening to their heartfelt songs loaded with gorgeous swell and emotional horns makes me feel right at home in even the most stressful environment.

The throngs of Los Angeles will finally get to see the band in all their glory this April as the band begins their 5 week residency every Monday night at Club Spaceland. Admission is 21 Yrs + and as always totally FREE!

In addition to playing songs off their recent full length debut - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, the band will be playing a new cover song every week as well as performing unreleased material. I already witnessed a tremendous Pavement cover at the band's CD Release show a few weeks back.

These shows will be the band's last in the LA area for the next several months as
they get ready for the summer tour season. So make sure to catch them
while you can!

Read my review of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished right here.

The Minor Canon April Residency At Spaceland With:

April 2nd - Nico Stai, The By and By, Repeater
April 9th - TBD
April 16th - TBD
April 23rd - TBD
April 30th - The Films


Monday, March 05, 2007

March Residencies Begin TONIGHT!

Great Northern and Pity Party At The Viper Room TONIGHT

[MP3] Great Northern - Home
[MP3] The Pity Party - The War Between Eight And Four

I am a huge fan of both Great Northern and The Pity Party. Seeing them on a bill together makes venturing out into the vast unknown of the 90069 a little less scary.

March Residencies: Eastside Edition

The Airborne Toxic Event

[MP3] The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On?

Every Monday At The Echo - FREE!


[MP3] Berko - Neatly Folded

Every Monday in March At Club Spaceland - FREE!

Castledoor w/ Buffalo Roam

[MP3] Castledoor - Burn The Maps

Every Monday at Silverlake Lounge - FREE!

More Residency info at Inflight At Night.

Great Northern, The Pity Party, Venus Infers, The Front @ The Viper Room - FREE with RSVP
The Airborne Toxic Event, Low Vs. Diamond, The Happy Hollows, Radars @ The Echo - FREE
Dusty Rhodes & the River Band, To Live and Die in L.A., The Henry Clay People, Kissing Tigers, Price @ Troubadour - FREE
Berko, The Panda Band, Longhorn Slim @ Club Spaceland - FREE
Buffalo Roam, Castledoor, Where's Moo @ Silverlake Lounge - FREE


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today Isn't Valentines Day.. It's Papa Joe Day.

Me and My Papa Joe in 2004

Today isn't Valentine's Day. Today is Papa Joe Day.

My grandpa passed away a year ago today. He was my hero and the man I most admired in my life. To say his death had no affect on me would be a lie. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him, and as hard as a try to remember the good times it's hard to believe he's actually gone.

I decided a few weeks ago that Valentine's Day will no longer be celebrated on the 14th of February. I will celebrate Vday Observed tomorrow or Friday (although technically tomorrow constitutes as a holiday. It's "Indie Schmindie!" Day)

You're probably asking yourself "How does one celebrate Papa Joe Day?"

1.) Listen To Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole All Day.
2.) Drink Ice Cold Dr Pepper.
3.) Make Seafood Jambalaya from scratch.

I fully plan on renting Steel Magnolias and crying my eyes out tonight.

It's a pensive time filled with a lot of change. I'm trying to stay strong through all of it but there are days when you just need to let go and break down for a bit. Those days seem to be happening a lot lately. It's hard to hide sadness when you're surrounded by it all day long.

If my Papa Joe were here he would hug me, tell me to quit crying and be strong through this. Papa Joe's trademark tough love. Somehow one strong reassuring Papa Joe hug was enough to sustain me for the months and sometimes years we would go without seeing him. I'm in need a Papa Joe hug today.

He was always a sucker for his girls. Bless him and his depression era mentality. He taught me to work hard and appreciate everything I'm given, because it could be gone tomorrow.

The Minor Canon - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

[MP3] The Minor Canon - It Never Was

I got The Minor Canon's debut full-length - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in the mail yesterday. Midway through my rat pack marathon I decided to change things up and give it a listen. Good choice. I found the perfect record for my pensive day.

I've already stated that this band is tremendous. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished is a beautifully melancholy album accented by
heartfelt lyrics, perfectly placed "emotional horns" and a good dose of rock and soul. Front man Paul Larsen always seems to find the perfect note to hang on - making the music seem slightly larger than itself. "Cave In" and "Long Since Gone" are proving to be my favorite tracks off the record. For a first taste on what this band is I strongly recommend you download "It Never Was" - track 1 off the album.

My roommate and I have been stalking them around eastside dive bars for a while now. This band's subdued yet dynamic live show seems to change and evolve with every performance.

I have eagerly been awaiting their full length debut for months now and finally the day is here. You can purchase the CD online through the band's myspace page and also at Sea Level Records. The band will have their CD release show at Sea Level on February 20th - 7PM sharp.
I will be DJing a short set.

The Minor Canon also just confirmed that they will be the Monday Night Residents at Spaceland this April. Read more about this release over at Kevin B.'s Buzz Bands Blog.

Happy Papa Joe Day Everyone!

[JAX PICK] Albert Hammond Jr. Har Mar Superstar @ Troubadour
Cipes and The People, Crash Kings, Edison Glass @ The Viper Room
[JAX PICK] Bodies of Water, Paleo, Travel By Sea, Slow Learners @ The Scene
MV & EE , Charalambides , Veer Right Young Pastor, Pocahaunted @ The Smell
Astra Heights, The Prayers, Wallpaper Airplanes @ Silverlake Lounge
The Gray Kid, The Shys @ Club Spaceland
Romance with Dave Palmer & Friends @ Largo

JAX - The Rock Insider

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Waves Fold Residency Begins TONIGHT!


[MP3] In Waves - Once The Heart
[MP3] In Waves - Love As Scarlett

I've mentioned In Waves several times before here at Rock Insider. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Echo Park duo. The band's 2nd show ever was HELL YA! last February with Foreign Born and Cold War Kids. They held their own amid the two local heavyweights with an arsenal swelling guitars and ethereal drone. In Waves' stellar showing rounded out what will go down in my mind as the best Los Angeles show of 2006 (you can read about it here. Man did I have a foul mouth back then. Oy). I've been keeping an eye on them ever since.

This month In Waves will be sharing time between El Cid and the Silverlake Lounge during their Tuesday residency for The Fold. Given my dyslexic nature and ability to let typos slip even after 30 minutes of copy editing, I know I will show up to the wrong venue on the wrong day. I've posted the complete residency schedule below - mostly for my own sake.

In Waves February Residency For The Fold
TONIGHT: Silverlake Lounge w/ Fool's Gold, Asher
FEB. 13 :: El Cid w/ Polus, Dead Ponies, Anchors For Architects
FEB. 20 :: Silverlake Lounge w/ The Black Pine, Phoenix and The Turtle, Aushua
FEB. 27:: El Cid w/ Mezzanine Owls, Black Palms

For The People Who Asked: MP3s should be back online. I've been having some server bandwidth issues and needed to take them down.

[JAX PICK] In Waves, Fool's Gold, Asher @ Silverlake Lounge
[JAX PICK] Bodies Of Water, Kind Hearts And Coronets, Richard Strange, The Listing Ship, The Shakes @ The Echo
French Family Fun, Jeremy Drake, Mitchell Brown, Kris Tiner @ Il Corral
Tom Brosseau, John Doe @ Largo
[JAX PICK] The Nightwatchman w/ Ben Harper, Shooter Jennings, Sen Dog, Jill Sobule, Marina V, Thomas Ian Nicholas @ Hotel Cafe
The Hatch, Amity, The Actual, An Angle @ The Troubadour
Ambrose, Year Long Disaster, On The Surface @ The Viper Room
Stellastarr, Monsters Are Waiting, Pretty Titty @ Safari Sam's
Perfecto featuring Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins (SV2), Vello Virkhaus (SV2), Trent Cantrelle @ Knitting Factory
Dynamite Walls, Berko, Nico Stai, Ezra Reich @ Club Spaceland
Nik Freitas, Meiko, Erin Armstrong, Gwendolyn @ Tangier
The Bloody Hollies, The Red Hearts, The Last Gang @ The Scene
The 88 @ The Key Club
[JAX PICK] The Colour CD Release Show @ Cinespace

JAX - The Rock Insider


Monday, February 05, 2007

Residencies: Division Day At Spaceland + Simon Dawes At The Echo

Brooklyn Bridge Is Where I Go To Think
I went to New York for the weekend. It was a quick trip to clear my head and get some bearing on life. I didn't tell many people on purpose - so please don't be miffed if we didn't connect.

I wanted to escape into the city and think. I did so in the best possible way. In two days I walked over 30 miles including the stretch of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges. It was magical. I met up with my friend Dave and we talked a lot about life, change, and what the future may hold.

None of us know what the future holds. Just accept it and live life to its fullest. Awesome. It was a great weekend.

Moving On....If you say you're bored and there's nothing good going on in Los Angeles tonight YOU DESERVE A GOOD SLAP.

There's plenty of goodness around town tonight - a lot of which is absolutely free (lazy bones. tsk tsk tsk tsk)

See Division Day Every Monday In Feb @ Spaceland FOR FREE!

[MP3] Division Day - Tigers
[MP3] Tandemoro - We've Got Time

Division Day begin their highly anticipated Residency TONIGHT at Club Spaceland. The lineup for tonight is insane: The Movies, Tandemoro (RI Favs), and Occidental. Solid Todd From Sea Level Records will be dazzling the crowd with his DJ prowess all night.


[MP3] Simon Dawes - Salute The Institution

Simon Dawes spent most of the Fall on the road with Band Of Horses. This February the band is settling into Echo Park - doing the Free Monday Night Residency at The Echo. Begins TONIGHT Peeps. The Morning Benders (highly recommended by my friend Jason) are opening at 9 PM. Get your tush there early.


Finally, my lady Lily Allen officially kicks off her MTV Discover & Download Tour TONIGHT at the Henry Fonda Theater right here in Los Angeles. After every show you can head to to download all sorts of exclusive goodness after the show. Dates below.

February 5 - Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Music Box
February 6 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
February 8 - Chicago, IL - Metro
February 10 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
February 12 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts
February 16 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
February 18 - Boston, MA - Axis

SIDE NOTE: Lily's SNL performance this past weekend was magical. Cute dress, cute shoes, cute everything. Drew Barrymore. Cute. Sketches. Cute. It was cuteness overload.

Quick, watch it below before NBC Universal get it removed. Did I mention....It's SUPER CUTE.

Lily Allen @ Henry Fonda Theater
Division Day, The Movies, Tandemoro, Occidental @ Club Spaceland - FREE!
A Kiss Could Be Deadly, Ultraviolet, Metroid @ Safari Sam's
Step Kid, My Machete, The TV Liers, Kaelyth @ Mr Ts Bowl
The Binges, Tokyo Smog, So So Human, Artbeat - Hosted By Andy Dick@ King King
Heroes 7 Heroines, Redream, The Golden Calf, Klum, Bed @ The Troubadour - FREE!
Patrick Park, Gus Black, Keaton Simons, Jeremy Fisher @ Hotel Cafe
Foreign Born, Black Palms, In Waves @ The Viper Room
Eastern Conference Champs, Castledoor, Summer Darling, Great Glass Elevator @ Silverlake Lounge - FREE!
Simon Dawes, Richard Strange, The Morning Benders @ The Echo - FREE!
The Quirks, Chatter Chatter, Ugly Litter @ The Scene - FREE!
Paul Weller @ The Avalon
The Game @ House Of Blues, Sunset
Dinci Va, InMemory, Photo Atlas, Culprit, Panima @ Knitting Factory, Front Bar
Alexis Gideon's Levitations #1! Ponce de Leon Ima Fucking Gymnist, Future America, Moment Trigger @ Il Corral

JAX - The Rock Insider

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